Extraordinario Angulo

By GonzalezAX
Written February 18, 2011
Muestra la actualidad histrica desde un Angulo nada desestimamos. Digna de ver, revisar, discutir y volver a ver.
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Even The Rain

By criticalfan
Written February 21, 2011
...meaning that even the rain can be taken from the Indians in Bolivia by occupying powers -- whether Columbus or today's multinationals. A film within a film, within a documentary.-- an intriguing many-leveled story. Always a treat to see Gael Garcia Bernal (who has the best smile in movies today) and the other wonderful actors. The film is gripping and moralistic, keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. Based on historic accounts of Columbus' time, it will be educational for everyone to see the connections with globalization and exploitation. And ultimately, the power of "powerless" people.
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A movie you should watch

By cinemara11
Written March 13, 2011
what do you do if you wake up one day and find out half of your monthly income will go to some foreign company oversees to pay your water bill? You are not even allowed to dig a hole in your own land to collect rain water. Icíar Bollaín's political movie "Even the rain" ( También la lluvia) is set in 2000s Bolivia, Cochamba during the riot of water privatization of the public water company SEMAPA. Bollain is expertly narrating a story about a movie producer who chooses Bolivia because of its cheap labor and how events will change his reality and connects him to the locals whom he didn't morally and ethically felt responsible before. This is one of those movies that you shouldn't miss. Among many things this movie reminds us that we can never know what we or others are made of until running in to lives' challenges.
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One of the most important narrative films I've ever seen

By Thakuraine
Written April 15, 2011
manages to give good background on the Water Privatization crisis, while also holding up a mirror to those of us in the international human rights/development community who claim to care about empowering people but use fairly disempowering approaches. Does is have narrative flaws? Of course. Did it affect my love of the film one bit? Nope.
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Truly great movie!!

By lani85
Written February 26, 2011
Saw this last night in Chicago and is a great movie with a great cast esp. Gael Garcia Bernal who always delivers a great performance. Everyone should really see this movie to be able to appreciate the luxuries we all have and a lot of times take for granted. Truly powerful and very worthwhile. Stop reading this and go see it!!
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