The most anticipated film of the year

By justkurtis
Written June 21, 2007
So, I have to say that I was SO excited to see this movie. C'mon - Meryl Streep, Vanessa Redgrave, Toni Collette, Glenn Close AND Claire Danes? And that's not everyone. Eileen Atkins - just great! This movie is worth seeing for a few reasons - Michael Cunningham's script & storytelling is very interesting to me. His continual questions & possible regrets - it's fascinating to watch these characters examine their lives. That said, the movie wasn't all I hoped it would be. There are some beautiful shots, great music and a couple of great acting moments, but the piece as a whole is missing something. This is a movie that COULD HAVE BEEN great, however, it isn't. I'm saying to see it because everyone should see Mamie Gummer in this performance & truly see what a powerhouse actor Meryl Streep is and that at least at this point, Ms Gummer hasn't quite inherited the gift.
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Nothing can make up for a terrible plot

By abjaxx
Written June 27, 2007
Saw a test screening a couple of months ago. While the cinematography and, for the most part, the acting are quite well done, the plot falls completely flat. The flashbacks of a dying woman seem not to have any bearing or relationship to the lives of her daughters. The editing is completely nonsensical -- so much of the "real time" story seems to be superfluous filler. I don't think there is any way for me to comprehend how much I completely detested this movie. I implore you, don't waste your time or money.
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It's a feature length cigarette commercial

By BettyKa
Written July 19, 2007
75% don’t smoke, and those who don’t smoke HATE it. So there are really only two reasons to have almost every character smoking in almost every scene of this movie. Either it is required due to the subject to make it realistic or they want to push the product. Well, I can see no story requirement for the smoking in this movie. Did you know, per NPR, that Chrysler paired $3,000,000 for the movie Sahara to show Mathew driving a Jeep? Clearly they believe that showing actors doing something causes enough people to do the same to be worth a lot of money. I guess all these actresses had to make some kind of Faustian bargain for their success. He’ll be waiting.
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By orangevalesweetpea
Written July 10, 2007
WOW...what a sweeping, nostalgic, incredible movie that was. My wife and I went with another couple, and by 1/4 of the way into it, we were ALL crying. Trust me when I say that anyone who has had an experience like the one in this movie, will be absolutely stunned. It was like someone had told MY life story from a guys point of view, except *I* was Buddy. I highly recomend it to anyone who has loved and lost someone they loved and didnt grab when they had the chance. Go, and enjoy the escapism, and walk away like we all did, with Anne's words ringing..."There are no mistakes"
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By applebots11
Written June 27, 2007
What a well done film. Every shot is beautiful. I fell in love with the scenery and each character. Every performance reached a new level of perfection.
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