Evelyn Knapp
Date of Birth
Jun 17, 1906
Birth Place:
Kansas City, MO

Worked With

Year Name Title
1943 Franklin Pangborn Two Weeks to Live
1943 Herbert Rawlinson Two Weeks to Live
1943 Oscar O'Shea Two Weeks to Live
1943 Edward Earle Two Weeks to Live
1943 Charles B. Middleton Two Weeks to Live
1941 Lloyd Bridges The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance
1941 Henry Wilcoxon The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance
1941 William Forrest The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance
1941 Thurston Hall The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance
1941 Warren William The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance
1941 Regis Toomey The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance
1941 Don Beddoe The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance
1941 Eric Blore The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance
1941 Wallace Ford Roar of the Press
1941 Paul Fix Roar of the Press
1941 Jean Parker Roar of the Press
1941 Frank O'Connor Roar of the Press
1941 Charles King Roar of the Press
1941 Betty Compson Roar of the Press
1941 Dorothy Lee Roar of the Press
1941 John Holland Roar of the Press
1939 George Sorel Idiot's Delight
1939 Burgess Meredith Idiot's Delight
1939 Paul Panzer Idiot's Delight
1939 Norma Shearer Idiot's Delight
1939 Robert Middlemass Idiot's Delight
1939 Joseph Schildkraut Idiot's Delight
1939 Laura Hope Crews Idiot's Delight
1939 Edward Arnold Idiot's Delight
1939 Clark Gable Idiot's Delight
1939 Charles Coburn Idiot's Delight
1939 Fritz Feld Idiot's Delight
1939 Frank Faylen Idiot's Delight
1938 Fred "Snowflake" Toones Hawaiian Buckaroo
1938 Pat O'Brien Hawaiian Buckaroo
1938 Carl Stockdale Hawaiian Buckaroo
1938 Al Hill Rawhide
1938 Si Jenks Rawhide
1938 Dick Curtis Rawhide
1938 Lee Shumway Rawhide
1938 Carl Stockdale Rawhide
1938 Frankie Darro Wanted by the Police
1938 Robert Kent Wanted by the Police
1938 Ralph Peters Wanted by the Police
1936 Robert Warwick Bulldog Edition
1936 Edward J. Le Saint Bulldog Edition
1936 Betty Compson Bulldog Edition
1936 Regis Toomey Bulldog Edition
1936 Herman Bing Laughing Irish Eyes
1936 John Indrisano Laughing Irish Eyes
1936 Clarence Muse Laughing Irish Eyes
1936 Mary Gordon Laughing Irish Eyes
1936 Betty Compson Laughing Irish Eyes
1936 Raymond Hatton Laughing Irish Eyes
1936 Billy Gilbert Mistaken Identity
1936 Berton Churchill Mistaken Identity
1936 Lew Kelly Mistaken Identity
1936 Bryant Washburn Three of a Kind
1936 Pat West Three of a Kind
1936 Billy Gilbert Three of a Kind
1936 Lew Kelly Three of a Kind
1936 Berton Churchill Three of a Kind
1935 Reed Howes Confidential
1935 Herbert Rawlinson Confidential
1935 J. Carrol Naish Confidential
1935 Kane Richmond Confidential
1935 Ben Alexander The Firetrap
1935 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. The Firetrap
1935 Esther Ralston Ladies Crave Excitement
1935 George "Gabby" Hayes Ladies Crave Excitement
1935 Emma Dunn Ladies Crave Excitement
1935 Purnell Pratt Ladies Crave Excitement
1935 Herbert Heywood Ladies Crave Excitement
1935 Max Wagner Ladies Crave Excitement
1935 Edward Peil Sr. Ladies Crave Excitement
1935 Mary Carlisle One Frightened Night
1935 Charles Grapewin One Frightened Night
1935 Wallace Ford One Frightened Night
1935 Regis Toomey One Frightened Night
1935 Adrian Morris One Frightened Night
1935 Hedda Hopper One Frightened Night
1935 Clarence H. Wilson One Frightened Night
1935 Lucien Littlefield One Frightened Night
1934 H.B. Warner In Old Santa Fe
1934 Jack Kirk In Old Santa Fe
1934 Jack Rockwell In Old Santa Fe
1934 Ken Maynard In Old Santa Fe
1934 Smiley Burnette In Old Santa Fe
1934 Gene Autry In Old Santa Fe
1934 George "Gabby" Hayes In Old Santa Fe
1934 Ward Bond A Man's Game
1934 Tim McCoy A Man's Game
1934 Vincent Sherman Speed Wings
1934 Tim McCoy Speed Wings
1933 Thelma Todd Air Hostess
1933 Jane Darwell Air Hostess
1933 Mischa Auer Corruption
1933 Tully Marshall Corruption
1933 Huntly Gordon Corruption
1933 Preston S. Foster Corruption
1933 Mae Busch Dance, Girl, Dance
1933 John Wayne His Private Secretary
1933 Al St. John His Private Secretary
1933 Pat O'Malley The Perils of Pauline [Serial]
1933 Ward Bond Police Car 17
1933 Harold Huber Police Car 17
1933 Tim McCoy Police Car 17
1933 Phillips Smalley Slightly Married
1933 Marie Prevost Slightly Married
1933 Regis Toomey State Trooper
1933 Lew Kelly State Trooper
1933 Raymond Hatton State Trooper
1932 Humphrey Bogart Big City Blues
1932 J. Carrol Naish Big City Blues
1932 Walter Catlett Big City Blues
1932 Lyle Talbot Big City Blues
1932 Clarence Muse Big City Blues
1932 Joan Blondell Big City Blues
1932 Dick Powell Big City Blues
1932 Guy Kibbee Big City Blues
1932 Dennis O'Keefe Big City Blues
1932 Grant Mitchell Big City Blues
1932 Edward McWade Big City Blues
1932 Herman Bing Big City Blues
1932 Tom Dugan Big City Blues
1932 Ned Sparks Big City Blues
1932 Guy Kibbee Fireman, Save My Child
1932 Joe E. Brown Fireman, Save My Child
1932 Ben Hendricks, Jr. Fireman, Save My Child
1932 William Powell High Pressure
1932 Lucien Littlefield High Pressure
1932 Charles B. Middleton High Pressure
1932 Frank McHugh High Pressure
1932 Guy Kibbee High Pressure
1932 George Sidney High Pressure
1932 Ben Alexander High Pressure
1932 Alison Skipworth High Pressure
1932 Evelyn Brent High Pressure
1932 Bobby Watson High Pressure
1932 George Raft Madame Racketeer
1932 Alison Skipworth Madame Racketeer
1932 Richard Bennett Madame Racketeer
1932 Walter Walker Madame Racketeer
1932 Ed Brady Madame Racketeer
1932 George Barbier Madame Racketeer
1932 John Farrell MacDonald Madame Racketeer
1932 Lee Tracy The Night Mayor
1932 Eugene Pallette The Night Mayor
1932 Ann Dvorak The Strange Love of Molly Louvain
1932 Frank McHugh The Strange Love of Molly Louvain
1932 Charles B. Middleton The Strange Love of Molly Louvain
1932 Guy Kibbee The Strange Love of Molly Louvain
1932 Ben Alexander The Strange Love of Molly Louvain
1932 Lee Tracy The Strange Love of Molly Louvain
1932 George Arliss A Successful Calamity
1932 Grant Mitchell A Successful Calamity
1932 Fortunio Bonanova A Successful Calamity
1932 Mary Astor A Successful Calamity
1932 Leon Ames A Successful Calamity
1932 Randolph Scott A Successful Calamity
1932 George Raft Taxi!
1932 George E. Stone Taxi!
1932 Dorothy Burgess Taxi!
1932 James Cagney Taxi!
1932 Jesse de Vorska Taxi!
1932 Berton Churchill Taxi!
1932 Guy Kibbee Taxi!
1932 Russell Powell Taxi!
1932 Nat Pendleton Taxi!
1932 Loretta Young Taxi!
1932 Hal Price This Sporting Age
1932 Jack Holt This Sporting Age
1932 John Farrell MacDonald This Sporting Age
1932 Raymond Hatton The Vanishing Frontier
1932 Johnny Mack Brown The Vanishing Frontier
1932 George Irving The Vanishing Frontier
1932 John Farrell MacDonald The Vanishing Frontier
1932 ZaSu Pitts The Vanishing Frontier
1932 Ben Alexander The Vanishing Frontier
1931 Doris Kenyon The Bargain
1931 Una Merkel The Bargain
1931 Lewis Stone The Bargain
1931 Charles Butterworth The Bargain
1931 James Cagney The Millionaire
1931 George Arliss The Millionaire
1931 John Farrell MacDonald The Millionaire
1931 Noah Beery, Sr. The Millionaire
1931 Tully Marshall The Millionaire
1931 Charles Grapewin The Millionaire
1931 Ben Hall The Millionaire
1931 Bramwell Fletcher The Millionaire
1931 David Manners The Millionaire
1931 Sam Hardy The Millionaire
1931 Frank Coghlan, Jr. River's End
1931 Charles Bickford River's End
1931 ZaSu Pitts River's End
1931 John Farrell MacDonald River's End
1931 Tom Santschi River's End
1931 Charles Butterworth Side Show
1931 Guy Kibbee Side Show
1931 Harry Semels Smart Money
1931 Edward G. Robinson Smart Money
1931 John Larkin Smart Money
1931 Boris Karloff Smart Money
1931 James Cagney Smart Money
1931 Allan Lane Smart Money
1930 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. Mothers Cry
1930 Boris Karloff Mothers Cry
1930 Pat O'Malley Mothers Cry
1930 Helen Chandler Mothers Cry
1930 David Manners Mothers Cry
1930 Purnell Pratt Sinner's Holiday
1930 James Cagney Sinner's Holiday
1930 Joan Blondell Sinner's Holiday
1930 Spencer Tracy Taxi Talks
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