Better than expected

By crimson_rose
Written June 21, 2007
I work at a movie theatre and I have the chance to see a lot of movies prior to the major release date. I saw this a week or so ago and loved it. Movie theatres have been empty for the first few weeks of our busy season, but this movie should change that. I was VERY sceptical about seeing this movie, but I loved it! MUST SEE!!!
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By rogertempleton
Written August 08, 2015
I look forward to seeing it again with other members of my family. Very enjoyable movie with a positve message, positive religious overtones and loaded with comedy that actually made me laugh out loud a few times.
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Lots of fun

By woodgo2movies
Written June 21, 2007
Went to an early preview show. Took my 10 yr old son. he had a hard time with some of the jokes and one liners, There was a lot of humor and satire in movie. I do not like Steve Carell or Wynda Sykes but i thought they were both excelent in this movie. All the actors were great and the ending credits were the best. lots of laughs, well worth going to see. I plan to see it again with my wife when it opens.
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Wonderful Family Film

By jrmitch85
Written June 15, 2007
Although I was skeptical going to see this movie, I was pleasantly surprised that it was hilarious, and the humor was clean, safe for all ages. I highly recommend this movie for anybody in the mood for some good clean humor. Steve Carell was his usual funny self, and most surprisingly Wanda Sykes was great, and her humor can indeed be clean and funny.
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Evan Almighty

By CarriD
Written June 12, 2008
Better than I thought it would be. I enjoyed it.
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