Eugénie Besserer
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1870
Birth Place:
Marseilles, France

Worked With

Year Name Title
1933 Russell Powell To the Last Man
1933 Gail Patrick To the Last Man
1933 Esther Ralston To the Last Man
1933 Randolph Scott To the Last Man
1933 Shirley Temple To the Last Man
1933 Barton MacLane To the Last Man
1933 John Carradine To the Last Man
1933 Noah Beery, Sr. To the Last Man
1933 Larry "Buster" Crabbe To the Last Man
1933 Fuzzy Knight To the Last Man
1933 Richard Dix To the Last Man
1930 Beryl Mercer In Gay Madrid
1930 Ramon Novarro In Gay Madrid
1930 Clarence Muse A Royal Romance
1929 Duncan Renaldo The Bridge of San Luis Rey
1929 Ernest Torrence The Bridge of San Luis Rey
1929 Tully Marshall The Bridge of San Luis Rey
1929 Henry B. Walthall The Bridge of San Luis Rey
1929 Evelyn Brent Fast Company
1929 Sam Hardy Fast Company
1929 Jack Oakie Fast Company
1929 Kay Francis Illusion
1929 Paul Lukas Illusion
1929 Charles "Buddy" Rogers Illusion
1929 Virginia Bruce Illusion
1929 June Collyer Illusion
1929 Nancy Carroll Illusion
1929 Lillian Roth Illusion
1929 Regis Toomey Illusion
1929 Conrad Veidt Illusion
1929 Lewis Stone Madame X
1929 Ruth Chatterton Madame X
1929 Sidney Toler Madame X
1929 Mary Gordon Madame X
1929 Dickie Moore Madame X
1929 Leo Carrillo Mister Antonio
1929 Paul Muni Seven Faces
1929 Gustav von Seyffertitz Seven Faces
1929 Karl Dane Speedway
1929 William Haines Speedway
1929 Ernest Torrence Speedway
1929 Fay Wray Thunderbolt
1929 George Bancroft Thunderbolt
1929 George Irving Thunderbolt
1929 Tully Marshall Thunderbolt
1929 Richard Arlen Thunderbolt
1929 Fred Kohler Thunderbolt
1929 Patsy Ruth Miller Whispering Winds
1928 Lionel Barrymore Drums of Love
1928 Tully Marshall Drums of Love
1928 Norma Shearer A Lady of Chance
1928 Lowell Sherman A Lady of Chance
1928 Johnny Mack Brown A Lady of Chance
1928 Arthur Lake Lilac Time
1928 Nelson McDowell Lilac Time
1928 Colleen Moore Lilac Time
1928 Gary Cooper Lilac Time
1928 Noah Beery, Sr. Two Lovers
1928 Ronald Colman Two Lovers
1928 Paul Lukas Two Lovers
1928 Helen Jerome Eddy Two Lovers
1928 Clive Brook Yellow Lily
1928 Billie Dove Yellow Lily
1928 Gustav von Seyffertitz Yellow Lily
1927 Lars Hanson Captain Salvation
1927 Ernest Torrence Captain Salvation
1927 Flora Finch Captain Salvation
1927 Roscoe Karns The Jazz Singer
1927 Al Jolson The Jazz Singer
1927 Myrna Loy The Jazz Singer
1927 May McAvoy The Jazz Singer
1927 William Demarest The Jazz Singer
1927 Warner Oland The Jazz Singer
1927 May McAvoy Slightly Used
1927 Sally Eilers Slightly Used
1927 Conrad Nagel Slightly Used
1927 Dorothy Revier Wandering Girls
1927 Armand Kaliz Wandering Girls
1927 John Barrymore When a Man Loves
1927 Dolores Costello When a Man Loves
1927 Warner Oland When a Man Loves
1926 Charles Ray Fire Brigade
1926 May McAvoy Fire Brigade
1926 Rolfe Sedan Flesh and the Devil
1926 Lars Hanson Flesh and the Devil
1926 John Gilbert Flesh and the Devil
1926 Greta Garbo Flesh and the Devil
1926 Owen Moore The Skyrocket
1926 Ben Hall The Skyrocket
1926 Lilyan Tashman The Skyrocket
1925 Lilyan Tashman Bright Lights
1925 Ned Sparks Bright Lights
1925 Charles Ray Bright Lights
1925 Creighton Hale Circle
1925 Eleanor Boardman Circle
1925 Gloria Swanson Coast of Folly
1925 Frankie Darro Confessions of a Queen
1925 Lewis Stone Confessions of a Queen
1925 Madge Bellamy A Fool and His Money
1925 William Haines A Fool and His Money
1925 Jack Mulhall Friendly Enemies
1925 Bryant Washburn Wandering Footsteps
1925 Frankie Darro Wandering Footsteps
1925 Estelle Taylor Wandering Footsteps
1924 Wanda Hawley Bread
1924 Pat O'Malley Bread
1924 Mae Busch Bread
1924 Hobart Bosworth Bread
1924 Ed Brady Price She Paid
1923 Fred Kohler Anna Christie
1923 Blanche Sweet Anna Christie
1923 George Siegmann Anna Christie
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson Enemies of Children
1923 George Siegmann Enemies of Children
1923 Boyd Irwin Enemies of Children
1923 Raymond Hatton Enemies of Children
1923 May McAvoy Her Reputation
1923 Conrad Nagel The Rendezvous
1923 Lucien Littlefield The Rendezvous
1923 Hobart Bosworth Stranger's Banquet
1923 Claire Windsor Stranger's Banquet
1923 Jean Hersholt Stranger's Banquet
1923 Edward McWade Stranger's Banquet
1923 Ford Sterling Stranger's Banquet
1923 Eleanor Boardman Stranger's Banquet
1922 Elliott Dexter Hands of Nara
1922 Clara Kimball Young Hands of Nara
1922 Bryant Washburn June Madness
1922 Viola Dana June Madness
1922 Miriam Cooper Kindred of the Dust
1922 Ralph Graves Kindred of the Dust
1922 Tully Marshall Penrod
1922 Fred Thomson Penrod
1922 Noah Beery, Jr. Penrod
1922 Wesley Barry Penrod
1922 Lewis Stone Rosary
1922 Wallace Beery Rosary
1921 Pat O'Malley The Breaking Point
1921 Rosemary Theby Good Women
1921 Edward Sutherland Light in the Clearing
1921 Albert Hackett Molly O'
1921 Lowell Sherman Molly O'
1921 Mabel Normand Molly O'
1921 Jacqueline Logan Molly O'
1921 Carl Stockdale Molly O'
1921 Jack Mulhall Molly O'
1921 Tully Marshall What Happened to Rosa?
1921 Adolphe Menjou What Happened to Rosa?
1921 Mabel Normand What Happened to Rosa?
1920 David Butler Fickle Women
1920 Noah Beery, Sr. Fighting Shepherdess
1920 Richard Barthelmess The Greatest Question
1920 Carl Stockdale The Greatest Question
1920 Ralph Graves The Greatest Question
1920 Robert Harron The Greatest Question
1920 Lillian Gish The Greatest Question
1919 Anna Q. Nilsson Ravished Armenia
1919 Ralph Graves Scarlet Days
1919 Carol Dempster Scarlet Days
1919 Richard Barthelmess Scarlet Days
1918 Tom Santschi The City of Purple Dreams
1918 Carl Stockdale The Eyes of Julia Deep
1915 Kathlyn Williams The Carpet from Bagdad
1915 Guy Oliver The Carpet from Bagdad
1914 Guy Oliver Memories
1913 Kathlyn Williams The Governor's Daughter
1913 Kathlyn Williams Lieutenant Jones
1912 Hobart Bosworth The Count of Monte Cristo
1912 Murdock MacQuarrie The Count of Monte Cristo
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