Estelle Taylor
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1899
Birth Place:
Wilmington, DE

Worked With

Year Name Title
1945 J. Carrol Naish The Southerner
1945 Percy Kilbride The Southerner
1945 Zachary Scott The Southerner
1945 Norman Lloyd The Southerner
1945 Blanche Yurka The Southerner
1945 Beulah Bondi The Southerner
1945 Florence Bates The Southerner
1945 Betty Field The Southerner
1945 Paul Harvey The Southerner
1945 Dorothy Granger The Southerner
1932 Mischa Auer Call Her Savage
1932 Clara Bow Call Her Savage
1932 Mary Gordon Call Her Savage
1932 Thelma Todd Call Her Savage
1932 Gilbert Roland Call Her Savage
1931 Walter Miller Street Scene
1931 Sylvia Sidney Street Scene
1931 Louis Natheaux Street Scene
1931 John Qualen Street Scene
1931 Dick Powell Street Scene
1931 Beulah Bondi Street Scene
1931 Greta Granstedt Street Scene
1931 Fay Wray The Unholy Garden
1931 William Von Brincken The Unholy Garden
1931 Mischa Auer The Unholy Garden
1931 Ronald Colman The Unholy Garden
1931 Kit Guard The Unholy Garden
1931 Henry Kolker The Unholy Garden
1931 Tully Marshall The Unholy Garden
1930 Stanley Fields Cimarron
1930 Bob McKenzie Cimarron
1930 Edna May Oliver Cimarron
1930 Roscoe Ates Cimarron
1930 Irene Dunne Cimarron
1930 Richard Dix Cimarron
1930 Henry Roquemore Cimarron
1930 George E. Stone Cimarron
1930 Dennis O'Keefe Cimarron
1930 Anne Shirley Liliom
1930 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Liliom
1930 H.B. Warner Liliom
1930 Nat Pendleton Liliom
1930 Charles Farrell Liliom
1930 Lee Tracy Liliom
1929 Lupe Velez Where East Is East
1929 Lon Chaney Where East Is East
1928 Tom Santschi Honor Bound
1928 George Irving Honor Bound
1928 Leila Hyams Honor Bound
1928 George O'Brien Honor Bound
1928 Lilyan Tashman Lady Raffles
1928 William Haines Show People
1928 Marion Davies Show People
1928 John Gilbert Show People
1928 Leatrice Joy Show People
1928 Mae Murray Show People
1928 Rod La Rocque Show People
1928 Douglas Fairbanks Show People
1928 William S. Hart Show People
1928 King Vidor Show People
1928 Norma Talmadge Show People
1928 Dorothy Sebastian Show People
1928 Charles Chaplin Show People
1928 Karl Dane Show People
1928 Claire Windsor Show People
1928 Antonio Moreno The Whip Woman
1928 Loretta Young The Whip Woman
1928 Lowell Sherman The Whip Woman
1928 Hedda Hopper The Whip Woman
1927 Lois Wilson New York
1927 Ricardo Cortez New York
1927 William Powell New York
1926 Warner Oland Don Juan
1926 Hedda Hopper Don Juan
1926 Willard Louis Don Juan
1926 Myrna Loy Don Juan
1926 Montagu Love Don Juan
1926 Josef Swickard Don Juan
1926 Gustav von Seyffertitz Don Juan
1926 Mary Astor Don Juan
1926 Phyllis Haver Don Juan
1926 John Barrymore Don Juan
1925 George Siegmann Manhattan Madness
1925 Bryant Washburn Wandering Footsteps
1925 Frankie Darro Wandering Footsteps
1924 John St. Polis The Alaskan
1924 Thomas Meighan The Alaskan
1924 Anna May Wong The Alaskan
1924 Mary Pickford Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall
1924 Tully Marshall Passion's Pathway
1924 Walter Miller Playthings of Desire
1924 Antonio Moreno Tiger Love
1923 Wallace Beery Bavu
1923 Josef Swickard Bavu
1923 David Butler Desire
1923 Wyndham Standing Forgive and Forget
1923 Josef Swickard Forgive and Forget
1923 Leatrice Joy The Ten Commandments
1923 Theodore Roberts The Ten Commandments
1923 Rod La Rocque The Ten Commandments
1923 Richard Dix The Ten Commandments
1922 George Siegmann A California Romance
1922 John Gilbert A California Romance
1922 Lewis Stone A Fool There Was
1922 Irene Rich A Fool There Was
1922 John Gilbert Monte Cristo
1922 Willard Louis Only a Shop Girl
1922 Tully Marshall Only a Shop Girl
1922 Mae Busch Only a Shop Girl
1922 Wallace Beery Only a Shop Girl
1922 Carl Stockdale Thorns and Orange Blossoms
1921 Tyrone Power Footfalls
1920 Harry Locke While New York Sleeps
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