Escape Plan

By bcgurn28
Written August 29, 2014
I grew up watching Sly and Arnold, but the time has come for them to try different types of roles, become guest stars in other movie franchises or just retire and enjoy spending their millions! Nice try, but no cigar guys! I will say that is was nice to see Jim Caviezel back on the big screen once again after a long hiatus!
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Better than expected

By exp93
Written October 30, 2013
Not insulting and i think the kids can see it but there is cursing and fighting but its like corny fights that are staged. there is some cerebral parts to the movie which made it credible. good movie
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This was the terrible duel disaster movie of the year!

By KatherineT1
Written November 01, 2013
This movie was incredibly slow to develop any sort of a plot with lousy acting on Stallone's part. Luckily we had Arnold to fall back on but it was not nearly enough to sustain my attention. I walked out of the theatre 40 minutes into the movie very disappointed and wanting my money back. Nothing ever happens worth sticking around to see the end. I felt my time was better spent going home to wash my hair and hope for a better experience the next time I go to the movie. DO NOT waste your time or money on this one. Not even rental worthy.
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Escape Plan

By dinahme
Written November 19, 2013
It's great to see the stars we watched grow on film in the 90's who are now getting older (like us) . Sly and Arnold delivered, although I DO feel ARNOLD stole the show! He played his character with such charm, it really made you love the guy. Accoring to me and my husband, it's a Thumbs Up for this one!!!
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Great and better than I expected!

By durham77
Written October 21, 2013
I don't know why people won't go see Arnold movies anymore. I know he is getting old but he can still fill the part. I really enjoyed Arnold and Sylvester together in this movie. Not a spectacular plot but when it is a good action team up who cares! I enjoyed it and will be sure to buy on Blu-ray when it comes out. Go see it!
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