Escape Plan

By bcgurn28
Written May 26, 2016
I grew up watching Sly and Arnold, but the time has come for them to try different types of roles, become guest stars in other movie franchises or just retire and enjoy spending their millions! Nice try, but no cigar guys! I will say that is was nice to see Jim Caviezel back on the big screen once again after a long hiatus!
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These guys work well together

By jim_capp
Written December 25, 2014
Jeez, these two never know when to quit...and I'm glad! I will be a fan of Schwarzenegger and Stallone forever. I love prison movies and this one is exciting. The main set is an awesome idea of what a privately owned maximum security prison could be in the not-so-distant future. Some of the one liners were goofy, but that is to be expected. These guys work well together. I think Jim Caviezel is awesome as the warden as well. A nice "escape" from reality for a couple hours.
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By maggiedrumster
Written July 01, 2016
I am a fan of this genre. I am a fan of Swartzenegger. I am lukewarm on Stallone but the reviews said they had fun and chemistry with each other. May be they did but Stallone, the director, and the script screwed the deal. I have only walked out of two other movies in my life but I almost walked out 2/3 of the way through this turkey. Stallone is so smug it was sick (not the good way). He seemed so charmed with himself he didn't seem like he needed to act. The script was a disaster with one improbable and stupid thing after another. The direction was awful. The whole movie was choppy and stupid. The last breakout scene at least had some action but silly. I would not have enjoyed this at home for $2.00. I wasted my time and money.
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Escape Plan: A Solid “A’ight”

By aerykpierson
Written December 11, 2013
Escape Plan is predictable. Stallone and Schwarzenegger on the screen together is the main reason for the going to see the film. Judging it on that basis, Escape Plan is an entertaining couple hours. The most immediate pitfall is the age factor—Stallone and Schwarzenegger are 67 and 66, respectively. And while they are both in good shape for their age, they are both eligible for membership in AARP. As such, they are about 20 years past the action hero bad-***cut-off. Escape Plan succeeds because it found a way for Stallone and Schwarzenegger to be semi-plausible action heroes, a prison break thriller.
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Escape Plan

Written October 26, 2013
Wow, I was pleasantly surprised by this movie! Concept of an inescapable prison was interesting. The plot was pretty easy to follow, typical fight scenes with Stallone and Arnold going at it with different inmates. I didn't know the guy from Person of Interest was in it with a key role and he kind of played the same soft spoken role but with and evil twist. I would recommend for a Matinee if you have nothing to do!
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