A male movie

By oleskiewicz29
Written October 21, 2013
I saw Escape Plan with my son, who wanted to see it. I enjoyed the movie but there was too many fights and too many beatings for me. I thoroughly enjoyed Jim Cavezel's portrayal of the villionous warden. That was a great treat!!! It was a cliff hanger, so to speak, and did keep me wondering, so it was worth the outrageous price of the popcorn and bottled water.
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80's typical action movie, and loved every second!

By jmguelzo
Written October 18, 2013
Stallone and Arnold are getting older, but I can't help but want to support these guys movies every time they get to make one, because these types of movies I feel are slipping away with time. I grew up on movies like Die Hard and Terminator, Rambo, Cliffhanger, etc. I miss these type of straight forward movies where you already know the beats. There will be a cool way these heroes get out of trouble, there will be a mini boss fight, than a final boss fight. Its predictable, cheesy lines, one liners, and always some scene where someone wields a huge ***gun and blows people away. It's a great popcorn flick, and its nice not always seeing the super young actors in every movie who are picture perfect. I hope these guys live forever!
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By lorirene
Written October 21, 2013
This movie was NOTHING like I expected & that made it a great movie! Love Stallone & Swarznegger & expected their "usual" talent, but I was soooooo impressed with both of them. They both look great and their acting was wonderful! I was sooooo tense during the whole movie because it had you guessing the whole time & I love that about a movie. My husband kept laughing at me. Wonderful movie! Keep up the good work Sly & Arnold! You've still "got it"!
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A Bit Longer than Necessary

By jimcaron68
Written October 30, 2013
Not a bad movie but could have been done in 90 minutes making it bigger on action scenes which is why we go to this sort of thing. Arnold and Sly work well together and JC was fun as the prison warden.
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By mraheemabid
Written October 19, 2013
I don't understand what people are complaining about. It's Arnold and Sly teaming up - expect explosions, death, and choppers. These aren't the type of movies you should be going into expecting a plot. I had a blast and so did the whole theatre, we were clapping and cheering throughout. A true classic from Sly and Arnold.
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