Pretty Cool Flick

By cinema cowboy
Written November 14, 2013
I liked the movie it had a plot like no other I know of and a cast to go with it. I'd go see for yourself.
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The plan

By panerasia
Written October 19, 2013
It was a movie that had a lot of action to keep you in your seat. An awesome movie you must see. Love to see Stallone and smarten egged working together.
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Thoroughly enjoyable!

By elainemair123
Written October 28, 2013
Was very pleasantly surprised at how good this movie was! Saw the trailers & was looking forward to it, but when released, the critics were not very favorable, so was not expecting much. We thouroughly enjoyed it! Arnold & Sylvester were great! Story held our interest. We walked out of the theatre scratching our head, wondering what the critics didn't like! We never fully trust critics anymore.
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Escape Plan Is A GO!

By Nextsubject
Written October 26, 2013
M husband and I eagerly went to go see Escape Plan and were NOT disappointed! A well thought out and intelligently written plot from start to finish! Stallone,Schwarzenegger and Caviezel deliver solidly believable performances all the way around! I would go see this movie again and I highly recommend that you do too! Keep in mind that this is not a movie for the kids due to language but if you want a truly entertaining intelligent movie to spend your evening with then I say that you can't beat ESCAPE PLAN! WELL worth the money paid for the price of a ticket!
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Any Arnold/Sylvester fan will love this movie.

By jeffreybridges1988
Written October 28, 2013
This movie is probably the best I've seen with Arnold in it since he was a Governor. Storyline: Fairly deep story for these two action movie stars, it is no Sherlock Holmes movie but I doubt anyone expects that with these two. It also contains a few minor twists written by miles chapman. Acting: Arnold and Sylvester both fit their character attitudes well, Jim Caviezel does very well as a ruthless antagonist. Scene realism: The action looked real and wasn't overdone with special effects that in my opinion only belong in superhero movies. Overall Satisfaction combined: Great story was enjoying the movie from the beginning all the way to the end, definitely check out this movie if you enjoy other movies from these actors.
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