Good Action Movie-

By Cacowboy
Written October 20, 2013
I was looking forward to this movie and seeing these two great stars together. Everything was predictable with the exception with the last 3 mins of the movie, totally didn't expect it. The story line kept my attention all through the movie.
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Escape Plan was awesome!!!

By wrenbee
Written October 23, 2013
Loved it, and not just because the two leads are amazing (and aging pretty well, too). The script is very smart and clever. Great support cast, too. VERY enjoyable. I might need to see it again in the theater, and definitely will be buying it!
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Better then expected

By Spydercage
Written October 20, 2013
Much better then I expected but still not overly great. Its fun to see the action stars I grew up with working together in a cool movie. This is an enjoyable movie for me & thinking back to all the 80's crap they made and are made fun of today. This one however to me had action but not overly loaded. This has less action then i was expecting but nothing like the 80's stuff.
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Great story and concept but Terrible casting and execution.

By mikeycknowsrnb
Written October 19, 2013
This movie is the typical predictable action movie that plays on tnt on a saturday evening. I was excited to see some1 resurrect the prison break concept but this movie was almost like a parody. I think the casting of Stallone and Arnold made the director go off track and turn the movie into sort of like a tribute to the action gods. it started suspenseful and intelligent but finished as a predictable action film with laughable situations that even a 5 year old could understand the whole thing from start to finish. bottom line if youre a stallone arnold fan then this movie is for you. if you are looking for something a bit more complex and mind blowing. you will be disappointed.
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By widsmd
Written October 21, 2013
I loved it! Others say that this was predictable and the plot and casting needed work. I don't think so. Action packed and a great story. Worth the see! It's a good moving when the audiance is laughing, or shouting, or cheering at the same time! The ending had an awesome very unpredicatable twist. Blood and guts! and even some glory for the main characters played by Sylvester Stallon and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Love the new "Arnold line!"
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