Escape Plan Synopsis
Ray Breslin (Stallone), the world's foremost authority on structural security, agrees to take on one last job: breaking out of an ultra-secret, high-tech facility called "The Tomb."
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Better then expected

By Spydercage
Much better then I expected but still not overly great. Its fun to see the action stars I grew up with working together in a cool movie. This is an enjoyable movie for me & thinking back to all the...

Escape Plan

By xsirnelx
The Movies was better than what I expected,,,It had me laughing threw out the movie. Not a lot of action but the little that there was it was good!...

Escape Plan was awesome!!!

By wrenbee
Loved it, and not just because the two leads are amazing (and aging pretty well, too). The script is very smart and clever. Great support cast, too. VERY enjoyable. I might need to see it again in the...

Pretty Good...

By Osc
I was not expecting much and even though it didn't blow it out of the water, it was still pretty good, it kept me in it.....dialog a bit on the slow side but Arnold and Stallone pull it off quite...

Good Action Movie-

By Cacowboy
I was looking forward to this movie and seeing these two great stars together. Everything was predictable with the exception with the last 3 mins of the movie, totally didn't expect it. The story...

Good Movie "Escapism"!

By barketfamily
Great action...Sly and Arnold do not disappoint...Just what you want from these guys. Sam Neill is way under-used. Four out of five popcorns for this flick....

Great story and concept but Terrible casting and execution.

By mikeycknowsrnb
This movie is the typical predictable action movie that plays on tnt on a saturday evening. I was excited to see some1 resurrect the prison break concept but this movie was almost like a parody. I...


By widsmd
I loved it! Others say that this was predictable and the plot and casting needed work. I don't think so. Action packed and a great story. Worth the see! It's a good moving when the audiance is...

Sly and Arnold are GREAT together

By Judyrosemac
This movie was GREAT. It had a story line that kept me interested and also had the one liner comebacks that Arnold is noted for in other older movies. They are a Great Team to Action Flims. I...

Loved it.

By LexLuthor8
This comes out in the 80's or early 90's, One of the biggest hits of the year. Sadly it came now and to not much fanfare. But it was a hoot. I've been waiting for this movie for 20 years and I had a...

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Rated R | For Violence and Language Throughout
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Common Sense Media says Arnie and Sly team up for lighthearted but violent action.
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