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Escape From Planet Earth

By 4Ceci17Ana23
Written July 25, 2014
I liked the film. Decent, clean and funny. Cinematography, acting and directing was great. A good movie for adults and children alike. No complaints and my guess left with a new thought about family values. Thanks
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Escape from planet earth

By luzi
Written July 11, 2013
It was a cute movie. It had some great scenes. I really enjoyed it!
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Good but not great

By Mehlsky
Written February 19, 2013
Some great voice performances (Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker and especially William Shatner)graced this animated film, but the story was not all that hot. My nine-year-old granddaughter was bored well before the end.
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Nice Family Movie

By NikkiGuess
Written February 18, 2013
If your goal is to keep them entertained the kids liked this movie. The story was child appropriate with some grown up appeal. It was nice family movie.
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Don't bother

By avenger2102
Written February 27, 2013
Saw this in 3D - took my grandchildren. The graphics were good and entertaining - but the plot and dialogue were nothing more than typical political correctness: global warming, military generals as evil, etc. Why can't Hollywood keep their politics to themselves and just entertain. Who cares what they think?
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