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Good inoffensive kids movie

By jo_ordinary
Written August 29, 2015
This movie was great for an afternoon of distraction. My 9 year old rated it a 9/10 and said she thought it was really funny, my 4 year old rated it a 7/10. It has enough adult humor to make it watchable without wanting the poke your eyes out. All in all, not bad!
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Great fun of a movie

By nobleln
Written December 07, 2016
Took my girls to go see it, 7 and 11, and they both enjoyed it immensly. Had no idea Shatner was the evil guy, but loved watching this movie for our daddy daughter date. Would watch it again, even purchase to watch all over again other times.
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Good afternoon distraction

By TheButcherzwife
Written December 27, 2014
It wasn't the best movie but it served its purpose of getting the kids out of the house and treating them to a movie. I could have waited for this one to come out on video though.
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A nice and funny movie for kids and parents

By drtodd98
Written October 21, 2016
Some of the critics suggest the movie appeals to kids and that's it. While my kid did love it (3 and 1/2), my wife and I also thought the movie was enjoyable. There were plenty of references to UFO lore and sci-fi movies, the story maintained a nice pace without too much violence, and the voice talents were strong.
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An Excellent movie for everbody in the family.

By Mama Muffin
Written July 27, 2016
We love this movie, the story is nice; is not scary at all , the voices are good, the animation was excellent, we watched in 2D because our kids get tired of wearing 3D glasses and the quality was great. They could use better George Lopez and Sofia Vergara voices. Please take your kiddos to watch it.
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