Escape From Planet Earth

By themaynardsinscottsville
Written March 03, 2013
This movie is awesome. The 3D is amazing. It looks like you can reach out and touch everything. It's a great family movie. Myself, my wife and my daughter had a great time. We laughed along with everyone else in the audience. It's well worth the money.
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It was ok!

By mindyritenour
Written March 04, 2013
I had gotten on this website and looked at the reviews before I took my daughter to see this movie. The parents that left reviews went on and on about how good it was and how they were glad they had taken their kids. The critics, well their reviews weren't so nice. So I decided to go ahead and take my daughter anyways. She liked it. My husband and I did not. It was a cute movie for the kids, but I didn't think it was good for adults.
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Pleasantly suprised

By rlinafelter
Written February 28, 2013
One of the better 3D animated films I've seen; and with four kids, I've seen them all.
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Escape from planet earth

By lancasterd50
Written February 19, 2013
Not as good as Wreak it Ralph or Hotel Transyllvania but adaquate
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It was cute, pretty standard formula movie but cute

By gregoryfo
Written March 10, 2013
I (42) went with my 9 year old son. Several laugh out loud type moments. It was worth the 90 minutes.
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