Decent movie, good in 3D

By debbie3057
Written June 29, 2016
My 10 year old son liked this movie. Nice feel-good movie -- father/son storyline, adventure, no language or really scary parts. It's not going to win any awards, it's not original or super clever, but it has some funny parts and, overall, is a fun family movie.
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Escape from Planet Earth 3D

By nickifreeman
Written July 24, 2016
My daughter and granddaughter (30 and 7) loved the movie. This is my granddaughters second time to see it.
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It was ok!

By mindyritenour
Written October 27, 2016
I had gotten on this website and looked at the reviews before I took my daughter to see this movie. The parents that left reviews went on and on about how good it was and how they were glad they had taken their kids. The critics, well their reviews weren't so nice. So I decided to go ahead and take my daughter anyways. She liked it. My husband and I did not. It was a cute movie for the kids, but I didn't think it was good for adults.
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A cute little farce that's purely for the 9 and under set

By masowards
Written July 24, 2016
I have to say I was not blown away by this movie. But I didn't want to get up and leave either. The audience I saw it with was parents with their little ones and I was sure I would not get to hear the entire movie, but low and behold the kids were really into it and were quiet. So it is a great movie for the young family that wants to take the kids to a show and not worry about what the kids are watching. Very wholesome.
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By Angeleyes93
Written July 29, 2016
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