By graceoverall
Written March 04, 2013
I found everything about this movie to be completely predictable and the previews had already given away every funny part of the movie. The plot, characters, and world were all incredibly shallow. Give me Despicable Me or Monsters Inc. any day. Still, it was a clean movie safe for the family and perhaps kids might find it more entertaining than I did.
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Had low expectations but movie was really good

By kristatimberlake
Written February 18, 2013
My son begged to see this and I had never heard of it. I was pleasantly surprised, it was actually LOL funny! Great movie to see with your child.
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Escape from Planet Earth

By sezaal
Written February 24, 2013
Yes, great little movie. Superhero Dad overcomes his fear and flies in the face of danger with the happy outcome that his son is duly impressed. Feel good after watching it type of movie! My 9yr old loved it.
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Escape from Planet Earth 3D

By annbowler
Written February 22, 2013
The movie was absolutely fabulous. My 8 year old grandson and I enjoyed it immensely. However they do the action, etc. is breathtaking. We felt like we were watching an reality film.
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Funny for kids and parents

By LittleBittieOne
Written February 23, 2013
I took two eight year old boys to this movie, and even though I thought I would be bored, ALL had a great time! It was funny and kept you wanting to see more. The 3D effect was truly awesome as well as all the actors. No scary parts so I would say good for everyone. Enjoy!
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