Ernest Hilliard
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1889

Worked With

Year Name Title
1947 Lucien Littlefield Down to Earth
1947 Boyd Irwin Down to Earth
1947 Ottola Nesmith Down to Earth
1947 George Macready Down to Earth
1947 Forbes Murray Down to Earth
1947 Larry Parks Down to Earth
1947 Wilbur Mack Down to Earth
1947 Rita Hayworth Down to Earth
1947 William Frawley Down to Earth
1947 Edward Everett Horton Down to Earth
1947 Roland Culver Down to Earth
1947 James Gleason Down to Earth
1947 Cecil Weston Down to Earth
1947 Howard Negley Ride the Pink Horse
1947 Grandon Rhodes Ride the Pink Horse
1947 William H. Ruhl Ride the Pink Horse
1947 Robert Montgomery Ride the Pink Horse
1947 Edward Earle Ride the Pink Horse
1947 John Doucette Ride the Pink Horse
1947 Fred Clark Ride the Pink Horse
1947 Thomas Gomez Ride the Pink Horse
1947 Paul Maxey Ride the Pink Horse
1947 Lyle Latell Ride the Pink Horse
1947 Wanda Hendrix Ride the Pink Horse
1946 Ray Teal Deadline for Murder
1946 Kent Taylor Deadline for Murder
1946 Sheila Ryan Deadline for Murder
1946 Jack Mulhall Deadline for Murder
1946 Joey Ray Deadline for Murder
1946 Paul Kelly Deadline for Murder
1946 Jerome Cowan Deadline for Murder
1946 Eduardo Ciannelli Gilda
1946 Joseph Calleia Gilda
1946 Alphonse Martell Gilda
1946 Rita Hayworth Gilda
1946 Ludwig Donath Gilda
1946 George Macready Gilda
1946 Glenn Ford Gilda
1946 George Sorel Gilda
1946 Philip Van Zandt Gilda
1946 John Tyrrell Gilda
1946 Ruth Roman Gilda
1946 Joe Sawyer Gilda
1946 Robert Stevens Gilda
1946 Forbes Murray Gilda
1946 Hank Worden Undercurrent
1946 Robert Taylor Undercurrent
1946 Betty Blythe Undercurrent
1946 Bess Flowers Undercurrent
1946 Edmund Gwenn Undercurrent
1946 Marjorie Main Undercurrent
1946 Bert Moorhouse Undercurrent
1946 Forbes Murray Undercurrent
1946 Victor McLaglen Undercurrent
1946 Katharine Hepburn Undercurrent
1946 Robert Mitchum Undercurrent
1946 Jayne Meadows Undercurrent
1945 Perc Launders Masquerade in Mexico
1945 Eddie Laughton Masquerade in Mexico
1945 Dorothy Lamour Masquerade in Mexico
1945 Natalie Schafer Masquerade in Mexico
1945 Robert Middlemass Masquerade in Mexico
1945 Frank Faylen Masquerade in Mexico
1945 Mae Busch Masquerade in Mexico
1945 Ann Dvorak Masquerade in Mexico
1945 Patric Knowles Masquerade in Mexico
1945 James Flavin Masquerade in Mexico
1944 Ricardo Cortez Make Your Own Bed
1944 Jack Carson Make Your Own Bed
1944 Alan Hale Make Your Own Bed
1944 Jane Wyman Make Your Own Bed
1944 George Tobias Make Your Own Bed
1944 Robert Shayne Make Your Own Bed
1944 William Forrest Mr. Winkle Goes to War
1944 Hugh Beaumont Mr. Winkle Goes to War
1944 Robert Armstrong Mr. Winkle Goes to War
1944 Jeff Donnell Mr. Winkle Goes to War
1944 Robert Mitchum Mr. Winkle Goes to War
1944 Richard Lane Mr. Winkle Goes to War
1944 Ruth Warrick Mr. Winkle Goes to War
1944 James Flavin Mr. Winkle Goes to War
1944 Edward G. Robinson Mr. Winkle Goes to War
1944 Forbes Murray Mr. Winkle Goes to War
1944 Jeanne Bates The Soul of a Monster
1944 George Macready The Soul of a Monster
1943 Irene Ryan Reveille with Beverly
1943 Duke Ellington Reveille with Beverly
1943 Doodles Weaver Reveille with Beverly
1943 Franklin Pangborn Reveille with Beverly
1943 Larry Parks Reveille with Beverly
1943 Herbert Rawlinson Reveille with Beverly
1943 Wally Vernon Reveille with Beverly
1943 Si Jenks Reveille with Beverly
1943 Bob Crosby Reveille with Beverly
1943 Barbara Brown Reveille with Beverly
1943 Frank Sinatra Reveille with Beverly
1943 Ann Miller Reveille with Beverly
1943 David Newell Reveille with Beverly
1942 Anne Jeffreys Joan of Ozark
1942 Bert Moorhouse Joan of Ozark
1942 William Von Brincken Joan of Ozark
1942 Jerome Cowan Joan of Ozark
1942 Eddie Foy, Jr. Joan of Ozark
1942 Joe E. Brown Joan of Ozark
1942 Judy Canova Joan of Ozark
1942 Ralph Peters Joan of Ozark
1942 Otto Reichow Joan of Ozark
1942 Cyril Ring Joan of Ozark
1942 Billy Curtis Lucky Legs
1942 John Holland Lucky Legs
1942 Franklin Parker Lucky Legs
1942 Al Hill Lucky Legs
1942 Elizabeth Patterson Lucky Legs
1942 Don Beddoe Lucky Legs
1942 Ethan Laidlaw Lucky Legs
1942 John Tyrrell Lucky Legs
1942 Charles Sullivan Lucky Legs
1942 Blake Edwards Lucky Legs
1942 Ralph Sanford Lucky Legs
1942 Cyril Ring Lucky Legs
1942 James C. Morton Lucky Legs
1942 Richard Talmadge Lucky Legs
1942 Eddie Marr Lucky Legs
1936 Buck Jones The Boss Rider of Gun Creek
1936 Josef Swickard The Boss Rider of Gun Creek
1936 Fuzzy Knight The Sea Spoilers
1936 John Wayne The Sea Spoilers
1936 Ethan Laidlaw The Sea Spoilers
1936 Harrison Greene The Sea Spoilers
1936 George Irving The Sea Spoilers
1936 Clarence Muse Show Boat
1936 Monte Montague Show Boat
1936 Charles B. Middleton Show Boat
1936 LeRoy J. Prinz Show Boat
1936 George H. Reed Show Boat
1936 Edward Peil Sr. Show Boat
1936 Paul Robeson Show Boat
1936 Charles Winninger Show Boat
1936 Bobby Watson Show Boat
1936 Helen Morgan Show Boat
1936 Irene Dunne Show Boat
1936 Helen Jerome Eddy Show Boat
1936 Patricia Barry Show Boat
1936 Dorothy Granger Show Boat
1936 Stanley Fields Show Boat
1936 Flora Finch Show Boat
1936 Hattie McDaniel Show Boat
1936 Allan Jones Show Boat
1936 Jack Mulhall Show Boat
1936 Eddie "Rochester" Anderson Show Boat
1936 E.E. Clive Show Boat
1936 John Farrell MacDonald Show Boat
1935 William Cagney Flirting with Danger
1935 Robert Armstrong Flirting with Danger
1935 William Von Brincken Flirting with Danger
1935 Edgar Kennedy Flirting with Danger
1935 Dick Curtis Racing Luck
1935 Ben Hall Racing Luck
1935 Henry Roquemore Racing Luck
1935 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. Smart Girl
1935 Kent Taylor Smart Girl
1935 Gail Patrick Smart Girl
1935 Greta Meyer Smart Girl
1935 Ida Lupino Smart Girl
1931 June Collyer The Drums of Jeopardy
1931 Murdock MacQuarrie The Drums of Jeopardy
1931 Harry Semels The Drums of Jeopardy
1931 Mischa Auer The Drums of Jeopardy
1931 Warner Oland The Drums of Jeopardy
1931 Clara Blandick The Drums of Jeopardy
1931 Clara Kimball Young Mother and Son
1931 Henry Roquemore Second Honeymoon
1931 Edward Earle Second Honeymoon
1931 Dorothy Sebastian The Wide Open Spaces
1931 John St. Polis The Wide Open Spaces
1931 Ned Sparks The Wide Open Spaces
1931 Frank McHugh The Wide Open Spaces
1931 Murdock MacQuarrie The Wide Open Spaces
1931 William Farnum The Wide Open Spaces
1931 Mack Swain The Wide Open Spaces
1931 Tom Dugan The Wide Open Spaces
1931 Antonio Moreno The Wide Open Spaces
1930 Kay Johnson Dynamite
1930 Charles Bickford Dynamite
1930 Mary Gordon Dynamite
1930 Carole Lombard Dynamite
1930 Randolph Scott Dynamite
1930 Conrad Nagel Dynamite
1930 Joel McCrea Dynamite
1930 Alan Hale Red Hot Rhythm
1929 Ethan Laidlaw Big Diamond Robbery
1929 Tom Mix Big Diamond Robbery
1929 Louise Fazenda The Broadway Hoofer
1929 Louise Beavers Wall Street
1929 Ben Hall Wall Street
1929 James Finlayson Wall Street
1928 Jobyna Ralston Big Hop
1928 Sam Hardy Burning up Broadway
1928 J.P. McGowan Devil Dogs
1928 Carole Lombard Divine Sinner
1928 Alphonse Martell Divine Sinner
1928 J.P. McGowan Dugan of the Dugouts
1928 Lilyan Tashman Lady Raffles
1928 Estelle Taylor Lady Raffles
1928 Bessie Love The Matinee Idol
1928 Jack Richardson Midnight Adventure
1928 Montagu Love The Noose
1928 Richard Barthelmess The Noose
1928 Ed Brady The Noose
1928 Thelma Todd The Noose
1928 Alice Joyce The Noose
1928 Harry Semels Out with the Tide
1928 June Collyer Red Wine
1928 Conrad Nagel Red Wine
1928 Huntly Gordon Sinners in Love
1928 Seena Owen Sinners in Love
1928 Phillips Smalley Sinners in Love
1927 Rosemary Theby Bowery Cinderella
1927 Pat O'Malley Bowery Cinderella
1927 Boris Karloff Let It Rain
1927 Shirley Mason Let It Rain
1927 Douglas MacLean Let It Rain
1927 Lee Shumway Let It Rain
1927 Reed Howes Scorcher
1927 Jack Mulhall Smile, Brother, Smile
1927 Dorothy Mackaill Smile, Brother, Smile
1926 Sidney Franklin Fighting Failure
1926 Jacqueline Logan White Mice
1926 William Powell White Mice
1924 Clive Brook The Recoil
1924 Betty Blythe The Recoil
1923 Norma Shearer Man and Wife
1923 Francis X. Bushman Modern Marriage
1922 Percy Marmont Married People
1922 George Arliss The Ruling Passion
1922 Doris Kenyon The Ruling Passion
1922 Percy Helton Silver Wings
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