What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Ernest & Celestine is a lovely hand-drawn French animated movie about the unlikely friendship between a mouse and a bear. Dubbed in English, the critically acclaimed Oscar-nominated film is the story of finding friendship where you least expect it and defending that friendship against discrimination and prejudice. There is some occasional insult language ("dumb," "moron") and a few scary moments when the two pals are being followed and then put on trial -- as well as a frightening bedtime story about mice-eating bears. A fire nearly kills a few characters, but they're saved at the last minute.
  • Families can talk about the theme of friendship and what it means to stick up for a friend. What do you think the filmmaker is trying to say about the nature of friendship?
  • What made the judges change their minds about Ernest and Celestine? What characteristics make Ernest and Celestine good role models?
  • Discuss the style of hand-drawn animation. How does it compare to the more popular use of computer-generated animation?
  • This movie is inspired by a series of French children's books. Does the movie make you curious about reading the picture children's books?
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