happened to have the same name as the book.

By macpon
Written August 05, 2008
Yeah so this movie was a alright if u didnt read the book. but so many things were left out did anyone notice there was absolutly no mention of the dwarfs. and the urgals were pretty much a bunch of body builders. not the 8 foot monsters they were sopossed to be. They didnt even have horns. the elf didnt have pointed ears. which someone could mistake as a human and the girl that he blessed wasnt mentions which is starting to become a major charicter in the later books so they really cant explain her. the razac never died, so that might be a little agaisnt the book. and the fight with durza was wrong as well. the only thing right was they cut his back and durza died. wtf was he riding on anyway. Did the producers or even anyone working on the movie read the book? im guessing not. or this might be just some random movie and it so happened that they had a dragon and a boy named eragon.
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When the Preview is better than the Movie!

By monkeybeans
Written January 06, 2008
The movie was disappointing after the preview promised wonderment and finally when it opened? wow! What a let down. The effects were not even that great. My kids liked it and they were happy, so, I am happy. I don't go to the theaters much and wait for things to come on DVD, but after I saw the preview.... couldn't wait to spend lots of money to bring the whole family, but should have waited. I am going to have to be careful of the big previews because they don't always deliver. Should have known! I guess overall it cost me a lot of money for a cute movie. Even Charlotte's Web was better... and I knew the ending.
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By smokey420
Written February 15, 2015
This movie was great specail afects were kinda bad but hey what do u expect for the first movie. The people who baged on it are stupid. Go see it!!!
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Eragon: Harry meets the Lord of the Rings

By Marcob1
Written December 19, 2006
Having not read this book I had no expectations of the film. I read a few reviews which pegged the movie as a disappointment had the book been read beforehand. The movie had a great production vaule, considering it was done by Lucas Films and the whole Lucas production family. I was not a previous fan of the wizard, magical genre prior to Lord of the Rings, Eragon didnt let me down. While there some similarities to LOTR and Harry Potter, less so the latter, it does hold its own place with its simple yet intriguing storyline. Very good for anyone in the family while still maintaining a great date movie. I would recommend it if you dont plan of reading the book.
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By colombiana4eva22
Written February 20, 2012
A disgrace to the amazing boom series.
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