Sci-Fi Thriller fun

By mandarintea83
Written June 10, 2012
Well directed, edited & acted. A lot of fun if you like Sci-Fi, or movies with a political or sociological plot line. Lots of great action- if you can appreciate well-coreographed fight scenes with mean weapons. One of the most overlooked action films in its decade.
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By Movieman151991
Written June 22, 2007
looks awesome! just rented it!
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By nwravenman
Written September 17, 2013
Utterly sense-less. The clerics are supposed to be emotionless yet Diggs's character keeps smiling stupidly and even "Father" gets angry and smashes his fist down on a table in one scene. The clerics' ability to sniff out sense crimes seems to come and go depending on the needs of the plot. By the time we get to the predictable and obvious "climactic" end, it feels more like a jerk off.
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Hidden gem

By MongrolMan
Written August 06, 2008
This one flew under the radar but deserves to be watched. This has undertones of the Matrix but has a much different twist.
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Better than Matrix???

By Scoot M16
Written September 12, 2008
I don't know if this is better than matrix but it still has a lot of action, and some great gun battles, overall if you like action you'll love this.
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