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The Grand kids's loved it...

By chrisnannie1
Written May 25, 2013
IT was an enjoyable movie. The children sat and watched in amazement.I love how they make the character's have mannerism's of the actor's voice that is portraying them.I wish we would have heard more of Beyonce singing. It was a feel good movie.
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Good, but not amazing...

By sapito2100
Written May 25, 2013
It was a good movie, but not so amazing to want to see it twice. violence, no good for scare kids. a little bit bored, but a good story!!!
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It was good

By sstover
Written July 31, 2014
It wasn't great, but it was good and we enjoyed it. My son is now 12 and between the Xbox games and whatever else he sees on tv, this was a nice, healthy departure from that!
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The title says it all for us :)

By brit.1982
Written June 03, 2013
When I watched the trailer for the movie I was a little worried that our 4 year old wouldn't be a captive audience, but I was pleasantly surprised!! He was really engaged. It was super funny, heartwarming, and only "a tiny bit scary". Our son keeps running around repeating "flat head"!!!! Good family flick, we enjoyed.
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By trashncyndi
Written September 30, 2014
My 8 year old LOVED it... of course he's the audience it is geared towards. My other sons and I were a bit bored. I took a great nap though.
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