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Kids Loved it, but a bit scary for little ones

By cthomas2836
Written October 31, 2014
Enjoyed this movie, maybe not the next Lion King but fun just the same. May be a bit scary for the really little ones but our 4 year old made it through OK.
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Average movie

By Jonesphi
Written December 19, 2014
Epic, like many other animated productions, rely far too much on star power and less on substance. I like Beyonce, but after just 2min. I was ready for her character to Be-gone, and I don't know how much they paid Pitbull and Steven Tyler, but that was money well wasted. There was some comedy (supplied by Aziz Ansari), but if you saw any of the trailers, the punch lines are ruined. On the up side. This is a movie for children and my kids loved it, especially my daughter. I would say, if your children are looking forward to this movie, I would take them; however, I would skip out on the 3D and use that $4.00 for a box of Mike & Ikes, or an up grade ICEE for the kid's pack.
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Epic was kind of epic

By sistasteinway
Written August 21, 2014
I'm not much of a moviegoer -- I'm much more the homebody who rents from Redbox. I definitely don't usually shell out big bucks to sit through kiddie movies. But when my daughter was unable to go to Six Flags this past weekend with her brothers due to a scheduling conflict, I had to find a comparable "girls day" activity to keep her from major meltdown. My daughter-in-law suggested we catch a movie and the rest is history. As far as kiddie movies goes, Epic was very entertaining. There was a well-thought-out plot and subplot (no spoilers from me!), and the animation was visually pleasing. There were enough action scenes to hold my interest and inferences that an adult would pick up on to keep me snickering throughout the flick. It may be a bit on the "kiddie chick flick" side for the boys, but again, there was plenty of action (read: fight scenes) to hold their interest as well. I have to say I enjoyed my girls' day with my little girl, who's a bit of a character herself.
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By barbaraescamilla
Written June 04, 2013
Not what I expected! My 3 year old grandson lost interest early and my 5 year grandson told me " I want to get out of here" (shortly after he finished his popcorn and candy)! A little long.
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Good story. Cute moments. Interesting plot.

By kimpospisil
Written May 28, 2013
Yes. Go see it. It was good. My kids liked it, and as an adult who is usually board through movies marketed to kids, it was alright. Much better than sitting through 1.5 hours of Winnie the Pooh.
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