Epic 3D

By photosbymjhealy
Written June 07, 2013
I would recommend this movie for you and your whole family. The humor is young enough for first graders and grown up enough for adults. I saw this with my family who are between 6 and 50 years old. Everyone enjoyed it. If your child is a little sensitive, I would suggest the 2D version instead as it can be a bit intense for the little ones, but only briefly. Great fun! Go see it today. Don't wait for the DVD. You really want to see this one on the big screen!
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Awesome 3D graphics with fresh story concept.

By eyeseemovie
Written May 28, 2013
I dont know what the other reviewers were watching, but he fly through scenes are very awesome in 3D. Why see this if its not in 3D. I have seen lot of 3D animation movies and this one has fresh concepts and high realism using animation. The story is not a rehash, as far as I know, which is so common coming out of hollywood. Overall its very enjoyable due to these features.
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By one_dozer
Written August 27, 2014
Epic is a good movie that I liked but did not love. Don't waste your money to see it in 3-D, this seemed like another movie that had 3-D effects thrown in after it was made (The Last Air Bender). This is a movie that i would say wait until it's released on video.
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epic 3D

By madame_critic
Written September 17, 2014
I thought this was a fairly good movie for children over the age of 6. My grandson, who is 10, really enjoyed the film. 3D was good but not great.
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Epic is worth seeing

By Procky1
Written August 31, 2014
This is a charming tale that will thrill kids of all ages, and the Avatar-inspired scenery and graphics will be fun for adults, too. The 3D effects are well integrated and contribute to the action. The story is typically sentimental, as one would expect for a kid's movie, but not excesively so. The one musical number seemed forced and out of place in this movie. And Beyonce, who performed the queen's voice, was out of her acting league and almost embarassing to listen to. But the kids will love it.
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