The movie Epic can be enjoyed by the whole family

By ochisfam
Written May 29, 2013
A fun to watch movie for the whole family. Watching it in 3D was very enjoyable. A colorful movie with lots of action and a decent plot.
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Cute Movie

By Taina1231
Written May 30, 2013
Though it isn't Epic, it is a good movie with beautiful scenery. A few sad moments, some funny ones, quite a bit of adventure. Not much popping out at you in the 3D version - 3D is more for depth of the scenery (forest), which helps add to its beauty. A Good vs Evil fantasy adventure that keeps you entertained. Geared towards kids but good for anyone.
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Epic was NOT EPIC It was decent..

By Deskman
Written May 28, 2013
My daughters wanted to see this movie and we saw it in 3-D. The 3-D effect was minimal at best so don't pay extra for it unless you catch the matinee show. The story was okay and Beyonce's voice as the queen was not a good choice in my opinion. I like her but her voice just didn't work for me in that role. Nevertheless, my daughters enjoyed the movie but I noticed they weren't talking about it that much after we left the cinema. The animation was good except that the queen looked like a plastic doll. If you go out to see this movie you will see what I mean. So with that said, I would not recommend that anyone pay box office prices to see this film. This film should have been released straight to DVD or Blu Ray film, because there isn't anything here to rave about. The story wasn't innovative, the jokes were few and the characters wasn't developed properly. This is a kids movie and I'm sure they will enjoy it On scale of 1 to 10 I give this film a 5
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We loved it.

By coutig
Written May 27, 2013
We took our 4 year old boy and 6 year old girl, and they both loved it. Really cute movie. They have already asked for the DVD for Christmas.
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Good for kids of all ages

By snthampi
Written May 27, 2013
The movie is good for kids of all ages. The graphics and 3D is good and the story line is simple and there is no violence. My 8 years old loved it.
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