An Epic movie

By Trekker-Tom
Written August 29, 2016
This was one good movie. A good story of a girl who had to come live back with her father after her mother dies. At first she beleives her father is nuts and wants to leave, then sees for her self, that there is people living in the woods, She gets transformed into a small person who helps save them from the evil people who want to destory everything. I like the graphics, almost like real. image. I enjoyed it from the begining all of the way to the very end.
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Very good movie

By scott_scheffler
Written August 28, 2016
I thought the movie was well done. It is your standard good vs evil movie in a forest setting where everyone is shrunk down. My 7yo daughter didn't find any of the scenes overly scary. They handle it well. She cried a little when one of the major characters die, but it was not too dramatic. I thought the movie progressed at a good pace and had a decent story without political overtones. 3D movies give me a little bit of headache, and this one did too. But I thought the scenes were spectacular--particularly the plants and trees. I recommend it over the 2D movie. I wish I could shrink down and ride a hummingbird now.
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Great Movie

By mrpianokid1
Written June 14, 2013
Epic was a really, well, epic! The animation was fantastic - it's amazing how Disney stays up with Pixar and other animation companies and really has amazing art. This movie had me laughing out loud - the slug is hilarious! Definitely a good movie for children of all ages.
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By zetnom2
Written June 09, 2013
Very good, I will go see it again before it is not shown in theathers anymore. Great Story line, good for the kids, and great enviornmental theme. Epic should be seen by the whole family.
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Graphics get an A, the rest gets a C-

By Nikelaos
Written May 27, 2013
My kids and I were very excited to see this movie and we all came out rather disappointed. The visuals were impressive, but there is no reason to spend extra for the 3-D. The plot is really nothing more than a rickety bridge between battles or set pieces. With a name like Epic I certainly expected much more and my boys, 9 and 7, are still asking me about odd plot holes and character behaviors. They don't even want to get it on DVD when it come out later.
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