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By nanjinkys
Written December 27, 2014
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ENTER THE DRAGON = Fists for the Eyes

By lugubriousthespian
Written January 17, 2009
It's a sad state of affairs that we will never know what Bruce Lee would have accomplished after his untimely demise in the early 70s. Fortunately, however, we do still have this cinematic glimpse in to the beauty and genius of his martial arts skill that will be forever preserved in ENTER THE DRAGON. By today's standards, the movie's plot and characters are pretty stock and standard, but the essence of Lee's artistic majesty with his skill is still pretty impressive! ( Remember this is long before th advent of CGI and technological gadgetry. ) John Saxon plays a supporting role about as wooden as ever and many Chinese extras run around haphazardly as Lee easily dispatches them with nary a contact hit, but it's all in tongue and cheek fun! And in many scenes Lee's gorgeous physique is revealed for the sculpted Adonis-like being he was and will remain in Karate lovers' minds the world over! ;)
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