Enough Said

By rjh12
Written October 13, 2013
My wife and I both enjoyed the movie as it brought back memories of our children going off to school and the interaction with them. As my wife and I have both been divorced before we married we could associate with the characters. A younger crowd most likely would not understand the movie but we enjoyed it and it moved well through out the picture.
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Great Flick

By psimon2
Written November 29, 2015
This movie portrays real life situations with believable and realistic plot. You get to see Julia really working her clients in this movie - not just diner and drinks. James plays a very understated part in this movie as compared to his previous cable and movie - excellent job. Julia should be nominated for an Oscar in her performance of divorced mother - she was that good.
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By megthomason706
Written October 09, 2013
What an endearing movie and especially with these 2 excellent actors together! It was one of the few movies lately that lived up to my expectations and more! And what a great role to see him in as his last movie!
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How Adults Fall For Each Other

By kandicekidd
Written November 01, 2013
Loved how sweet, funny, and realistic both the love story and the insecurities of the couple were portrayed in this movie. It was like getting to peek at two mature people letting their guards down and looking for a relationship; it was real, awkward, sweet, and touching.
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Awkward but sweet

By ewthomps
Written October 15, 2013
There were parts of this movie that were really hard to watch. very awkward, but realistic. If that's not what you go to movies for (i.e. realism), skip it. But at its core it was very sweet and all the sadder because of Gandolfini's passing. Julia Louis Dreyfus is a surprisingly good actress beyond just comedy.
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