Enough Said

By tricialeigh71
Written September 28, 2013
This was a very good movie. Witty and a tear jerker. It pulled at the heart strings! The chemistry between Julia and James is what made the movie. I would see this movie again and again. Laugh with the Angels and Jesus, dear James!
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Cute date movie

By genalee80
Written November 07, 2013
This was a good movie, and I loved that everyone wasn't perfect. It was real world. It was funny, sweet, sad, and good story line. great date night movie!
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Enough Said!

By abqovertons
Written July 28, 2015
Unless a guy is a Gandolfini fan he's probably not going to be crazy about this film, but no one can say it less than good. I can see Gandolfini receiving this script, reading it and saying "Oh HELL yeah!" He's the full opposite of his role in Sopranos, and someone you want to meet as soon as you leave the theater. Only twice in the movie did I think, OMG, he's not with us anymore? I felt like I's spent a couple of hours with him in my own living room. Soft as flannel pajamas, and sharp as an embarrassing memory . . . he's just marvelous. Julie L-D is his perfect match in this film. She's great and I've never been a fan. The script is the third star of this film. Director, Nicole Holofcener, must have had the time of her life working with these two pros. Holofcener, who has directed “female-centric television shows like Sex and the City, Leap of Faith and Gilmore Girls", as well as a movie: Lovely and Amazing, and a couple of TV episodes of Six Feet Under, has a very soft touch.
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Enough Said

By miamibobk
Written May 28, 2016
I expected more from this film. The story was, at times, touching and quaint, but far too contrived for a successful comedy/drama/love story. Gandolfini was excellent. Dreyfus was very good. Not so for some of the supporting roles. Four of us saw the film together. The results....two-boring, one-OK and one-liked it.
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Too long for this story

By bmp813
Written September 29, 2013
Cute, humorous dialog, very well acted with a unique story-line. But, 30 minutes into it, Enough Said becomes predictable and starts to drag. They took 40 minutes of plot and stretched it out over this 90 minute film.
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