Good for the older crowd

By suemarie
Written October 03, 2014
Nice, sweet, at times bittersweet movie about a mature couple becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. It wasn't laugh out loud funny but it had it's moments. I do not think that teens and even 20 or 30 year olds would get it. Sad to see James G. who was really good.
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A Nice Chic Flik

By dlpesq
Written October 05, 2013
Very bittersweet movie and bittersweet in real life because Gandolfini has passed away. Great acting but the story is typical of the genre. You either like these stores or you don't.
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Nuff said

By jonapple
Written September 23, 2013
Great dialog. Okay plot. Fabulous yet unexpected on-screen chemistry between two iconic actors. I would have loved to see Gandolfini continue to branch out like this. What a loss! Dreyfus may finally be on the cusp of movie career. It's about time! Nuff said.
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Enough Said

By popcornandmartinis
Written September 23, 2013
Brilliant script, character development and timing. Don't miss it. It's such great acting job by James G that it makes it even more poignant that he's gone. Dreyfus is her usual fabulous self. Supporting characters good.
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Enough Said

By mustseeshows
Written October 14, 2013
I can't say enough about this movie for anyone over 40, divorced, or at the point where your children are going off too college. Laugh out Loud moments that ring so true you are laughing to maybe not cry. Must see film.
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