Enough Said

By annefeder
Written September 30, 2013
It's a nice enough movie. A few laughs. A few tears. IMO - No need to rush to the theater to see it. Wait for video.
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Enough Said

By nancycubeta
Written October 03, 2014
The message was clear .... don't judge by another person's opinion. It was a very good movie, but bitter sweet because it was Gandolfini's last film. Nancyq
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single and 50?

By deborah825
Written October 03, 2014
touching, funny and really resonated. Julia was terrific. great role for her. Gandofini was terrific. it was sad watching him knowing that a few months later he would pass.
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Enough Said

By bpickensjr
Written October 03, 2014
It's worth it just to see James Gandolfini's last body of work before his untimely death. It shows his versatility as an actor and does not recall his portrayal of Tony Soprano in any way. Julia Louis-Dreyfus also finally breaks from the mantle of "Elaine" on Seinfeld. It's really sad that we won't be blessed by any more acting performances from Gandolfini. His post Soprano days looked so bright and this movie was just the tip of the iceberg. Had he lived his legacy would have been so much more than Tony Soprano. As a widowed single parent whose last 2 children (twins) just went off to their respective colleges in August I could very much relate with the plot of being faced with the drama and personal emotional dangers of re-engaging in relationships at middle age. The film spoke to me on many levels. Bravo
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Sappy, uninteresting letdown

By The_Separator
Written October 14, 2013
Great performances by are forced to cohabitate with a terrible plot. It seems as if the characters are purposely depicted in ways as to evoke pity. This is enraging because these characters are not pathetic in the least. Julia Louis Dreyfus’ uninteresting character egomaniacally brings on all her own misfortunes. We see her make bad choice after bad choice. It is no wonder that she ruins all her personal relationships. She's an idiot! But Dreyfus’ acting is fantastic. What a paradox! I felt I’d had been taken like a sucker into thinking this was some kind of quirky little indie film, something Squid and the Whale-ish (even though I don't like Squid, I like that genre). I would have accepted the film more openly had it at least been a romantic comedy, but Enough Said is a full-on romance. It has some hilarious parts, but they are single handedly the result of Dreyfus’ spectacular performance. More reviews at getthebonesaw.blogspot.com
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