English Vinglish

By amankathuria
Written September 29, 2016
A heartwarming simple story of a conventional house wife and mother from India who must learn English in a foreign land and discover self-confidence, self love and respect. Convincing characterizations, good screenplay, music and direction. There couldn't have been a better comeback film for Sridevi, who carries the whole film on her own. She is a treat to watch, makes you laugh, cry and at the end of the film, makes you realize that you may be seeking the whole world, to be accepted, loved and respected, but all you need to do is, seek the answer with in you. The universe lays not outside but inside you.
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Good Decent movie

By DeepakGoyalG
Written December 04, 2016
I watched this movie and really liked it.. it was a very decent story with a message.. somewhere somehow i was able to relate characters in this movie to the people near us. All in all a good family movie which you can watch with the whole family.
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English-Vinglish... Sridevi-Freedevi... sooper-dooper...

By movie_indi
Written April 27, 2017
There are quite a few movie which show normal people trying & coming over their disadvantages or weaknesses and passing out with flying colors. Sridevi does an excellent work in what a normal person can achieve if puts her/his heart to it, also stating expectations of parent from their kids in life. All parent expect is respect... Gauri Shinde, one amazing offering.... keep it up, amazing writing, direction. Cinematography by Laxman Utekar is wonderful. English Vinglish, helps you connect with yourself in day-to-day life and the people you come across. Also, never underestimate anyone, people are capable of achieving amazing things and amaze you.
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Funny & entertaining

By kingk0ng
Written May 23, 2017
English vinglish... Fantastic entertainment, great laughs & a good message. Sri Devi played an excellent role of a quint-essential determined Indian woman in the character of Mrs Godbole from aamchi "Pune". Many depictions in the movie represent reality and true characterization of life in the US. Must see, expect house full for sure!
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English Vinglish is definitely worth watching....though not a blockbuster hit!

By Reel_Deal
Written October 07, 2012
English Vinglish is definitely worth watching....though not a blockbuster hit! Very realistic portrayal of an indian lady that doesn't get respect in the house just because she cannot speak English and how she learns the language and surprises everyone!! All the ladies fell head over heels for the "frenchman" in the movie. :-)
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