Go, but be keep expectations low.

By eak391
Written February 08, 2016
Go because the concept is interesting, the acting is great, the tension is awesome, and the enigma of whole film is worthwhile. Still, don't expect a resolution and be prepared to just enjoy the tension for what it is.
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Wait for VOD or Cable

By movies2alert
Written December 05, 2014
Weird, bizarre, twisted, confusing and dragging are some of the characteristics would use to sum up Enemy. Interesting plot point, what would happen if you one day, met an exact duplicate of yourself, but the storyline gets all convoluted. Is this a scifi pic with glimpses of aliens who look like giant spiders or some weird dream the main lead is experiencing. Unfortunately, Enemy delivers none of the punch of the trailer and for almost 30-40m we wonder aimlessly waiting for something to happen. And then when it does, we're left with all these unanswered questions. Great acting by Jake Gyllenhaal, but wished we'd save the ticket price on this one and waited to see it free on cable.
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Great Actors Explore Crazy Script

By gkfarley
Written October 02, 2016
The adult movie is dark and complex leaving you with a feeling of 'what happened'... As a mid-50's Professional that gets most scenario's, I was lost during this entire movie wondering why they did that and why did they do this... because common things that if they had happened to you... were handled poorly. Near the end it appeared to be picking up only to have an ending that leaves you blind as to why they even did this movie. I usually don't write reviews, but feel cheated by this one and they could have made this movie go in a different direction that would have been much more interesting. The movie also took a beautiful city (Toronto) and made it look uninviting to anyone who would wish to visit someday. You intellectuals may enjoy this for continued conversation and I urge you to go if you are looking for a discussion on a deep plot. It's not my idea of entertainment however.
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What would you do if you met yourself?

By glenn57x
Written March 15, 2014
Enemy is surreal, disturbing and thrilling. Jake gives a great performance in this movie. Denis Villeneuve’s direction quite fine, as well. Anyone who sees this film will be thinking about it long after it ends.
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Stylish and eerie, with great acting by Jake G

By minasamuels
Written March 18, 2014
Thought provoking--we are still considering what exactly happened; but that's what made it a good movie. In addition to the performances and the design, which were really good.
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