Kept my interest - I really enjoyed watching both Jake & Michael great team!

By Boobieboobie
Written October 06, 2012
A medium paced beginning then building up to a fast momentum then slow - with an adrenaline rush with OMG!!!! To revenge then mourning and tears of laughter with a heavy heart, the end. Great Movie with lots of insight! Boobie
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Not what I expected from the trailer!!

By romere430
Written September 25, 2012
There were a lot of dry spots where as the trailer made it seem as though it was packed with action. There were some really funny moments. Might only be worth a matinee price!
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By thedoctor777
Written July 24, 2014
Please stay with me on this review. I almost walked out after thirty minutes of this film. The reason being that the F word is used about a hundred times and the style of filming is what I call virtual reality. I don't like that approach to a full length film. Both of these issues continue throughout the film; but the acting is so good that you stay around and hope the movie gets better. It does get better and better, however the F word and Virtual filming continue to no end. The story is rivating and you are totally drawn up in the suspence. I wanted to give this film an OH/NO; but I just couldn't in all honesty. It has some graphic violence and killings in it, but not over the top for the stoeyline. The writing is well done and the direction is as well. The screenplay writer did a fine job bringing the intensity of the script to the big screen. Bottom line, If you don't mind the F word consently and the virtual reality style of filming, then go enjoy a well acted and written movie.
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Funny and Frustrating!

By grammy9
Written September 24, 2012
End of Watch... wow... so funny to hear and see how the guys interact. THAT - I loved. Frustrating what cops have to do. Makes me wonder why ANYONE would apply for that job... and what would we do without them? Sad, so sad at the end. It's a definite MUST GO!
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Excellent. Wasn't expecting this gritty tale to be well....good. How many times is the F Bomb Dropped?!

By eaputman
Written September 22, 2012
Great movie, great acting on the part of the not so central characters. Jake and Michael are very talented; however, it always makes me cringe when you have a duo (whether Black & White or White & Hispanic) and they overdo the stereotypical jokes. Burrito, really? There's so many Mexican celebrations, really? These are things that are obvious without pointing it out every five minutes within the movie. I digress. The Mexican cartel gang gave an accurate portrayal of the supposed attitude of Mexican cartels. Additionally, it was an accurate portrayal of Black v. Mexican relations in many "hoods.' The movie was definitely a must see, but for Pete's sake, the camera angles will give you a migraine! And, I'm pretty sure the Screenwriter is rivaling Scarface's use of the F bomb!
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