Even the big tough guy sitting behind me was choking back tears.

By phatalie
Written October 27, 2014
Michael Pena was great in this film. The main characters were very believable. Could of done without the actress playing a ******* chola's exaggerated accent at times, but overall, this film is very original, will make you chuckle a lot, keeps you engaged the whole way through, and definitely pulls at your heartstrings. I let myself cry at practically every movie, but during this one, I did the ugly cry. And my boyfriend was crying, and that's not a common occurence. You won't want your money back after seeing this film.
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Extremely Intense

By reachforthestars
Written November 22, 2014
The camera work was so shaky, so I couldn't enjoy the movie--I was motion sick throughout the screening. Normally, I would've walked out, but as I was with my boyfriend ( who did enjoy the movie, by the way), leaving wasn't an option. I like action adventures, but this flick was just so real and so intense--and very very hard core. F bombs everywhere. It wasn't for me. but I'm certain most men would enjoy it.
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End Of Watch

By EricJNorth
Written October 04, 2012
An absolutely phenomenal film!!! From beginning to end this movie pulls no punches and is one of the best directed and acted films of the year.
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Funny, suspense filled...an emotional rollercoaster

By jjamisonbailey
Written October 03, 2012
Very good movie. Superb.acting... The story is full of suspense, humor, and emotion from beginning to end. It tells a story about the friendship and the everyday work of two police officers. It is not for children as it has nudity, violence, and bad language.
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Unlike Training Day, some likable characters.

By robertdiodatijr
Written September 30, 2012
I don't even like cop movies, but these characters were well cast and and the screenplay was well-written. Guys will like the violence and their wives or girlfriends will like the drama and story lines. I can usually guess the ending when it gets close, but not this time.
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