go, but keep your expectations in check

By osoxvda
Written July 26, 2014
Despite the fascinating storyline of mixing the macabre and ultra violent Mexican narco culture with that of L.A. gang-life, the movie was too long and failed to fully develop important story-lines and characters. The acting was good but the time spent on the relationship between the main characters was overdone and drawn-out, thus taking precious time away from more interesting themes and subplots. Still, the movie was worth the price of admission and the time.
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End Of Watch

By Ocdteacher
Written September 23, 2012
This movie was fantastic. The acting was excellent. It was very true to real police work. The director and producer did a great job of researching!
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End of watch

By wayne russell
Written September 28, 2012
Great movie and more people should see it, to see what police officer risk there lives for! Sad ending,and hope more officers don't meet that kind of fate!!
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Like a documentary with a plot!

By VinceP98
Written October 07, 2012
Well written, well paced and brilliantly performed. Jake Gyllenhaal brings his A-game here, but Michael Pena brings the thunder. The interaction between these two is so believable and touching that it seems like it's all real. Stunning piece of filmmaking!
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California Dreaming...

By Oscar Wilde
Written September 22, 2012
The docudrama feel worked well considering the subject matter. Authentic and understated acting by both protagonists. When a movie makes you feel ambivalent about it's message (if any) then you know either the movie failed or the material did. However since there is an exception to every rule this movies greatest achievement is it's ability to create an almost perfect state of balanced ambivalence both toward the problem and the solution (if any).
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