End of Watch for-Get a look into what is happening in the sea of millions of people.

By tvcsunny06
Written June 26, 2016
This is a must see movie if you like cop movies or shows. You really felt like you were riding along with them. The hand held cameras were a little hard to handle sometimes but the story line and the wonderful partnership and friendship between the two police officers make you forget the camera. If you are a fan of Southland, you will definintely love this movie. Wonderful actors and very entertaining, Not for younger viewers, very graphic and lots and lots of the F word, almost too much I thought until the next day I listened to an actual recording of city police in a shoot out with cartel (in another state) and realized it did sound the same and the vocabulary was the same. Made me thankful I live 41 miles east of L.A.
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end of watch

By Mindfulwatcher
Written July 02, 2016
really enjoyed this film...love the way it was shot....fantastic acting.... really heartfelt script and so realistic - what a challenging job being a cop go see it!
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By gb7
Written May 27, 2016
very well written although i wish there was less stuff about their personal lives and more about the job but overall it was a great movie
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Late review but worth knowing

By sjsawdey
Written July 01, 2016
End Of Watch was by far one of my favorite if not one of the greatest movies of 2012. This movie has greatness from the acting to humor to intensity etc. Everything about this movie was spot on and fit so well. I have to say i did not expect such a great role from Michael Pena while i see him much more as a comedian since i saw 30 minutes or less. MIchael did a amazing job in this movie as well as Jake Gyllenhaal. And while the action and jokes were great i found that the most suprising and amazing part of this movie that really took me by suprise was the emotional feel given when something sad happens. I would absolutely recommend getting this movie cause you can watch it over and over again. like the title says this is a very late review for multiple reasons but tis movie was amazing.
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Excellent. Wasn't expecting this gritty tale to be well....good. How many times is the F Bomb Dropped?!

By eaputman
Written June 30, 2016
Great movie, great acting on the part of the not so central characters. Jake and Michael are very talented; however, it always makes me cringe when you have a duo (whether Black & White or White & Hispanic) and they overdo the stereotypical jokes. Burrito, really? There's so many Mexican celebrations, really? These are things that are obvious without pointing it out every five minutes within the movie. I digress. The Mexican cartel gang gave an accurate portrayal of the supposed attitude of Mexican cartels. Additionally, it was an accurate portrayal of Black v. Mexican relations in many "hoods.' The movie was definitely a must see, but for Pete's sake, the camera angles will give you a migraine! And, I'm pretty sure the Screenwriter is rivaling Scarface's use of the F bomb!
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