By movie-pro
Written December 08, 2016
If the F word repeated over and over and over bothers you then please don't see this movie. It really doesn't bother me but my wife was pretty sick of it by the end of the movie. The acting and set design were really good...I have always liked Pena...Not for 15 and younger..I would have really liked to have rated it between a So-So & Go...
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Lots of fun and action

By movie_goer_24
Written October 01, 2016
Cool movie, camera work made it really interesting and acting was outstanding. Story became a bit predictable, but overall very well done. It was really funny too. Definitely worth seeing in the theater!
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The Life of Police Officers

By klavierman
Written January 19, 2017
What struck me most about this film is how well they gave a picture of what police officers are up against every day- at least in LA. It is akin to being in a war zone. And yet, the every day things like missing kids and fires and animal problems are all part of the picture. This movie was very well acted and it really showed the human side of men in this profession and the kind of life they lead. It becomes even more amazing when one sees how much they are committed to their intimate relationships. And, like war, they are always out there putting their lives on the line. If you are sensitive to foul language you are in for a long evening. It may have been over the top but they seemed to be making a point about the character of gang members. Overall it was an enjoyable watch and if you are pretty thick skinned with violence and language it is worth a view.
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Pretty well written movie.

By pramonfigueroa
Written October 25, 2016
The movie was pretty good, but to me it did not have enough action. If you are thinking this movie is going to be all action then this movie is not for you. The movie at times seemed to drag on but could have had a lot more action. The two main characters were pretty funny, but over all the movie was "OK." This movie was for sure a cop movie.
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End of Watch

By mpgrant
Written January 17, 2017
movie is shot as if you are watching a video of the officers as they go through their day - unique's hard to watch at times since it is very realistic - language is explicit. Very intense situations. good movie
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