comments on 'End of the Spear'

By translucent_paint
Written December 10, 2007
The film itself was executed fairly well (acting wasn't phenomenal, but wasn't terrible either), cinematography was good, storyline flowed well, directing was good... however, I was looking forward to an anthropological film which would enlighten me to a culture I am not familiar with... instead, I was presented with an extremely ethnocentric and prejudicial film packed with a fundamentalist, discriminating misinterpretation of Christian ideology. I'm sure this film has fans in some arenas, but I would not personally recommend this film at all.
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Forgiveness and reconciliation

By Spartacus2000
Written September 25, 2009
The movie is about forgiveness and reconciliation and not about anthropological work. Personally would have loved to see some in the film, especially since they locations are so beautiful. I went in knowing nothing about it and yet found a film based on an interesting real life story with some violent scenes portraying the power of forgiveness and reconciliation and certainly not about suspense but found it an enjoyable experience.
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