Go see this movie!!

By LynzyAllison
Written February 12, 2014
Saw the premiere in Dallas last week...it is a beautiful love story. So refreshing to see after way too many Vampires, doom and destruction. Perfect date night movie...he will love it too. Alex and Gabrielle have real chemistry. Shana Feste really got it right on this one. The audience actually clapped at the end.
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Endless Love

By rowie68
Written February 17, 2014
It is a very cute movie for young in heart!! YeS I cried because I am so sentimental the story is like "THE REAL LIFE SITUATION"
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I do not know how anone sat through this.

By skurtz42
Written February 19, 2014
I took my girlfriend to see this for valentine's day and I thought it would be a good love story. When I go to see a movie I really do not care what type of movie it is but I have to see a decent plot that is set up decently and not entirely rushed into. This movie definitely did not do that. After a two minute monologue about how he is desperately in love with this girl who he had never talked to all of the characters are introduced and two minutes after that the girl who no one had ever talked to is his best friend and hooking up in a closet. My girlfriend who loves all romantic chick flick type movies leans over to me and says "We have to go this movie is awful." We left after the cheesiest "high school party" I ever saw in a movie complete with horrible acting. Do yourself a favor and skip this.
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Loved Endless Love

By lacreta2
Written February 16, 2014
This movie was amazing! Wonderful love story, and shot in my hometown area in Atlanta, Georgia. Great cast, amazing story, kept you guessing. Loved it, would definitely see again!
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By nanny bear
Written March 12, 2015
Wish this was the way it really is in real life. This was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time and I go to movies alot. Everyone should see this movie. I felt like I was 25 again.
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