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A very enjoyable movie

By stephen0118
Written September 16, 2014
I have never read the book Ender’s Game until recently, but only because the movie was coming out. I couldn’t put the book down and finished it within the week. That said, I didn’t expect the movie to stick close to the book, but surprisingly it did for the most part. They had to take out a lot from the book because, if they didn’t, the movie would have been about 2 and half hours long, if not more. As it is, the movie runs for 114 minutes. The story centers around Ender Wiggin, a brilliant military strategist, although he is just a boy. He is recruited by the International Fleet (IF) to go to battle school, because the head of the school (Colonel Graff) sees great things in Ender. I do need to mention that they did change the ending, but, overall, this was a very enjoyable movie and I will either see it again at the cinema or buy the Blu-Ray when it comes out. Overall rating: 4.5/5
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A Paltry Perfunctory Ploy of Pointless Proportions

By Rob Riv
Written January 06, 2014
The short version: It's not the worst thing I've seen but there are legitimate cinematic criticisms that can be made. As a generic sci-fi action movie it is average/mediocre at best. I suppose it succeeds at what it tries to accomplish. The CG was alright, the swarming spaceships looked like they accidentally got lost from the set of a cooler, more earnest film. That's about the best thing I can say about it, otherwise it's kind of a mess and the acting is surprisingly bad, and not just from the kids. It should probably go without saying that "the book is better". Ultimately its biggest problem (read: crime) is that it's just lazy. I'm going to be particularly harsh on it though because as an adaptation it is a complete betrayal to everything that makes the book worth reading. Unfortunately, there's not enough room for the long version on Fandango.
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By Dallas1girl
Written November 03, 2013
I thought this might be a good movie . But I was SO wrong! …. This movie was all over the place. I was falling asleep, I couldn't wait for the movie to be over.
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Enders Game

By beejayoh
Written December 09, 2013
This movie is definitely a must see, especially if you are an Orson Scott Card fan. It is very true to the book, which often does not happen in theaters. Mr. Card was one of the producers, so that probably had a lot to do with the outcome. The actors were very good and very believable. The special effects were almost overwhelming in their size and scope. Anyone who is a Star Wars fan would probably enjoy this story very much.
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I really liked this movie

By joequittner
Written November 02, 2013
I'm a serious reader of science fiction. This honest film honors its creative source and is so unified that its core point digs into you and stays on, which is what all the best science fiction writing does and is for. Cinema is used so naturally as a medium that you fall into it. I'm not interested in seeing any film for kicks or a high, thrills or chills. I'm interested in a story with a point. This film sticks to it so tightly you lose track of time. Every scene is interesting, and the dramatic interaction is believable and seems to matter. Ender's character seems sincere and real, with some really intense acting. The adults less so, and that is actually part of the point, that our intensity of feeling for our lives and each other comes from the strength to stick to a personal standard. The author of the book is a famous Mormon, which I do not identify with at all, and talks about his fixation on morality. Perhaps this is a moral point. It is human reality.
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