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Enders Game ok

By emoBass
Written November 25, 2013
Delayed seeing this because we didn't think we would enjoy it. Actually found it interesting, and walked away with "good prevails" even with a tough story line. Reminds me of "bullied revenge" but Ender had a good core. I would recommend it. Acting was fair...nothing outstanding.
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Couldn't wait for it to Ender

By mlloyd290
Written November 20, 2013
Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. Trite and cliched at every turn. Ford looked like he phoned it in, and was not credible in the slightest as either a military officer or training camp manager. Preposterous plot and horrendous screeplay.
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A very enjoyable movie

By stephen0118
Written October 26, 2016
I have never read the book Ender’s Game until recently, but only because the movie was coming out. I couldn’t put the book down and finished it within the week. That said, I didn’t expect the movie to stick close to the book, but surprisingly it did for the most part. They had to take out a lot from the book because, if they didn’t, the movie would have been about 2 and half hours long, if not more. As it is, the movie runs for 114 minutes. The story centers around Ender Wiggin, a brilliant military strategist, although he is just a boy. He is recruited by the International Fleet (IF) to go to battle school, because the head of the school (Colonel Graff) sees great things in Ender. I do need to mention that they did change the ending, but, overall, this was a very enjoyable movie and I will either see it again at the cinema or buy the Blu-Ray when it comes out. Overall rating: 4.5/5
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Terrible if you've read the book!

By nacl
Written November 01, 2013
Too much from the book was cut or outright didn't happen. The entire b-story wasn't even mentioned. The most irritating thing for me was the casting of Bonso; terrible. That or Ender shouldn't have been Asa because he's too tall. In any event, Bonso was a tiny trollish looking guy. Not at all refined as per the book.
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Ender's Game

By marlene50
Written November 04, 2013
I found the movie pretty good for adults but more acclimated for the 9 to 16 yr olds. Reminded of attending movies with my kids when they were younger. The Computer graphics are excellent and the story was just an easy , fun movie to go see. Some of the writing I feel was elementary in nature..It was like seeing that older movie Space Camp with the added Technology we have now. it kept my interest but I wouldn't say it was the best movie I every saw.
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