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Ender's Game Excellent Story

By jimdrew
Written September 16, 2014
The story was not exactly like the book... but the movie was interesting and keeps you glued to your seat. The interaction of Ender as he moved through his training is very well done. This movie is for all ages... and the special effects are second to none. You will like this movie weather you are old or young or make or female. There is something here that we all can relate to. Strangely enough the most famous of all the actors (Harrison Ford) was the "weak link" in what was a terrific acting job by all. This is thrilling feel good move.
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Book brought to life

By baandrews1
Written April 18, 2015
I've read the series. The movie, while not taking the time to do a full character development, was totally engaging. The battle room scenes were great! I'm glad they gave a nod to "Speaker for the Dead" too. With the exception of Bonzo, the casting was very good too.
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By Munga006
Written January 31, 2015
Being Someone that has read the book and knows the characters and the setting of the whole book, I was looking forward to what they were showing in the preview. excited to see what parts I liked in the book in the movie. I could tell that in the first 10 minutes of the movie that there was a lot of things out of place and certain things that changed the whole foundation of the book in my opinion leading me to believe that they are not gonna make any of the successors to this movie. albeit it was a good movie and fast paced. couldn't compare that intensity and depth on the characters and the mind of ender, still a good movie. so all in all I would prefer the book. but still worth the time to see the movie
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Ender's Game

By rosebarnett7229
Written January 28, 2015
I've read all 10 books in the series, the 5 Enders and the 5 Shadows (Bean) and they really did a great job putting this to picture. Asa Butterfield did a great job as Ender - all the cast were really good. If you want your kids to learn about camaraderie, responsibility, honor and things that will set them apart in the future, by all means take them. Take those tom boy girls too! Any kind of a manly guy will really love it, maybe even sissies. But this is all about survival and binding together without regard to one's differences to bring together a class action war maneuver that casts away fear in the midst of death all around you. Plus it has awesome graphics and technology use. The rocket transporters, the drones, the anti-gravity room, the space station itself - just really cool stuff that would make you want to go on the set and play around. It's a war story, no doubt, but you really get into the lives and minds of these kids. And one bully scene is really great.
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Missed the mark, by a large margin.

By NHladky
Written May 25, 2015
If you've read the book, you'll be very disappointed. They fudge the story lines for screenplay repeatedly. This is very akin to The Last Airbender, a fantastic animated series that fell on its face in the theater. The acting is not flat, but does not have any of the emotion or cerebral intensity so apparent in the book. Critics use terms like, Tolkien would roll in his grave, yet this abysmal representation was allowed by the original author to represent what was a well respected, artfully crafted book series. I'm sure my children will love it, but once they read the books, they will wonder why the movie is so different and misses such incredibly vast volumes of the original storytelling. If you want to understand what the story was meant to be, what the political, psychological and character plot lines were intended to be, read the books. Unfortunately, this movie leaves more questions than answers, and more holes than purposeful screenplay. - A very disappointed Ender Fan.
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