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By breezy19635
Written January 11, 2014
This was a great movie for older kids (over 10) because the content was too mature for my 6 year old grandson or his 8 year old sister, but my 11 year old granddaughter loved it!!
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A very enjoyable movie

By stephen0118
Written November 02, 2013
I have never read the book Ender’s Game until recently, but only because the movie was coming out. I couldn’t put the book down and finished it within the week. That said, I didn’t expect the movie to stick close to the book, but surprisingly it did for the most part. They had to take out a lot from the book because, if they didn’t, the movie would have been about 2 and half hours long, if not more. As it is, the movie runs for 114 minutes. The story centers around Ender Wiggin, a brilliant military strategist, although he is just a boy. He is recruited by the International Fleet (IF) to go to battle school, because the head of the school (Colonel Graff) sees great things in Ender. I do need to mention that they did change the ending, but, overall, this was a very enjoyable movie and I will either see it again at the cinema or buy the Blu-Ray when it comes out. Overall rating: 4.5/5
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Surprisingly good!

By paulriceman
Written November 04, 2013
After reading a couple of reviews, normally a no-no for me....I want to experience a movie clear of critical review, I was expecting a flat experience. I was surprised! This was one of the best movies I have personally seen this year. I am a SciFi fan, but not to the point that I can speak Klingon or anything, just a fan. I'm not a spoiler, but go in with no regard to critical review, and enjoy. It is a wild ride!
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Survey of excerpts from the book at best. No character development.

By 99myw203
Written November 01, 2013
This was the worst adaptation of a book to the big screen that I've seen in a decade. There was absolutely no character development and if you hadn't read the book I would be surprised if the movie even made sense. I didn't feel any of the moral dilemmas conveyed by the book. None of the tension between characters. It seemed like they just had a checklist that said they should mentioned at least one thing from every third chapter. The special effects were great, the actors did a fine job, but nothing could such a poor screenplay and direction. So disappointing.
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They should have taken a chance

By ben860
Written January 06, 2014
With the idea that The Hobbit could be expanded into three movies (with the help of other written materials and just some good old directorial imagination), I feel they should have taken a chance on making Ender's Game a two part movie. I generally don't read the book that is a movie, as I feel the movie representation often ruins the original source material's intent. For this one, I listened to the audiobook whilst driving across the country, I enjoyed it so much I listened to another Ender's universe book. I really feel they did it a disservice of not breaking the book into two movies. But I can also see that it would have been hard for them to take the chance on two movies. If you like Ender's Game the book, you probably will be just 'ok' with the movie. If you like sci-fi movies, then this is probably a good one. I was disappointed.
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