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Good Movie, Read the Book!

By weekendclimber
Written December 24, 2013
This was a good take on the full Orson Scott Card book. It did lack what I believe was an important aspect from the book. In the book there was much more story regarding Ender's sister and brother back on Earth and the politics that take place while Ender is training. This would have added some time to the movie, but also would have added a good amount of depth regarding Ender and his sisters real love for each other and subsequently their real disdain for their older brother. Otherwise was a good movie and would recommend.
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Enders Game

By beejayoh
Written December 09, 2013
This movie is definitely a must see, especially if you are an Orson Scott Card fan. It is very true to the book, which often does not happen in theaters. Mr. Card was one of the producers, so that probably had a lot to do with the outcome. The actors were very good and very believable. The special effects were almost overwhelming in their size and scope. Anyone who is a Star Wars fan would probably enjoy this story very much.
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Ender's Game is Excellent

By tlcozzi
Written November 04, 2013
Loved Ender's Game. Action packed through out the movie. Heartfelt family and love story. Must see. Especially since my only son just left for the Marines and this reminded me of him off to boot camp.
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Enders Game

By rvrotter
Written November 03, 2013
Interesting movie. Kind of fast paced in its progression of the story line. Of course, the book is better but the movie is enjoyable and the boy in the lead did a very good job.
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My Reaction, It Wasn't Half Bad

By awtrigoiii
Written December 26, 2013
When it comes to basing movies off of books, you're never going to be completely satisfied. For whoever has read the book, keep that in mind. But having read it, I honestly think the movie was a near spot-on interpretation of the book. *SPOILER FOR BOOK READERS* Valentine and Peter don't participate in the news boards in attempt to take over the government, and to confirm, the aliens are frequently referred to as Formics, but Peter does still call them Buggers. The time frame it takes Ender to rank up to commander has also been cut back by a LOT, he doesn't leave when he's six, rather 12, and it takes him approximately a year to rank up to commander, but aging isn't really portrayed to confirm that. But, to make up for it, the imagery and setting is completely identical to the book, and the basic theme of the book is kept constant through the movie. For those who haven't read, please do, but it won't matter, because this movie will be one of your favorites regardless; I know it's mine.
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