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Very disappointing

By notofthisworld
Written December 06, 2016
I was totally disappointed by this movie. It is missing the elements that made the book so well loved. There is no character development, so it's hard to identify with the characters. The brilliant battle room tactics that make the book so fun are skipped over (except for one scene). It would be a shame if people decide not to read the book because they didn't like the movie. It totally missed the mark.
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It's somebody's game

By moodrojam
Written March 24, 2017
Just saw an advanced preview of the film (two days prior to general release) and it was a very good film. The pacing was steady and personally there were no dull moments. The visuals are amazing, especially the fleet battle simulation. The film portrays Ender's progress from some trainee to a commander. There is moments of action the first half, but with more action the second half, along with story development, and plot twists. Watching the film you can easily get swept up with Ender's character and enjoy the few instances where he does not turn the other cheek but destroys his enemies to prevent future assaults/harassment. It's the fundamental reason Ender is chosen as a commander, along with his charisma and wit. The film was two hours long, no extra scenes during or after the credits, but the ending leaves it open for a sequel.
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Rushed, Softened To Much, Lacking the Awe...

By tjcwolf
Written August 28, 2016
I felt at times I was watching a long preview to the movie I wanted to see, and was left wanting more all to often. You could really tell that they were rushing through key moments and movie suffered without the character development and emotional bonds created throughout the real story. For the book readers I could understand some of the storyline rearranging to save time and money, but almost all of the dramatic moments from the book were foiled early or left out completely. Visually it was a complete miss on the size and scope of the actual sets, for example the tiny battle school with single battle room, but the smaller details and effects were well done. Maybe the non-book reader will think this was an okay movie, but the essence of the story, character building, and darker parts that made the book so amazing were left out. The way I see it, this is just a made for TV movie based on an epic story. Not the epic story.
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Loved it! Especially if you love Sci-Fi, it's a must see!

By suz515
Written April 26, 2017
We are huge fans of the book and the movie didn't disappoint! Like always, much is cut from books in order to keep in the length of a feature film (unless you are the Hobbit and can spread a book out into a Trilogy). Despite some of the cuts, the most important parts of the book were kept and the movie was just as thrilling as the book. The film was well cast, Asa Butterfield and the rest of the kids were terrific. Huge fans of Asa from HUGO... he's grown so much and for the better. Harrison -excellent... though it was hard to dislike him as much as we disliked Graff in the books. WHo can dislike Han Solo and Indy? Major Anderson played by a woman- Viola Davis... fabulous! Really and excellent choice. What we loved so much about this movie were the expressions of the characters, they did extremely well speaking through their expressions. The film was beautifully shot and the graphics were excellent! Especially if you love Sci-Fi, it's a must see!
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So disappointed!

By missmoody2008
Written February 19, 2017
I have been waiting forever for them to turn one of my favorite books into a movie and now I wish they hadn't. I came into it understanding that this book is very complex and detailed and was prepared for them to have to leave certain things out. The amount of storylines that they rushed through without enough explanation or completely left out was so unnecessary and left me confused AND I READ THE BOOK! There was hardly any character development by the end of the movie I felt no real connection to Ender or anyone else for that fact. I understand they would like to have tweens come see this movie and their attention spans only last up to two hours tops but for this kind of book that has an older following they should have made it longer to really bring more out of the characters and the story. I would have happily sat there for another hour if it meant they could have included...more. AND ENDER AND PETRA ARE YOU SERIOUS!?
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