Enders Game

By GreatfulTrekkie
Written July 02, 2015
I really enjoyed this movie. The special effects are awesome. I did not read the book, but had no problem following the movie. The science seemed better in this movie than i've seen in a while, the spacecraft operated like actual vehicles. The zero gravity combat training is really great. Harrison Ford's performance is really good, as are the performances of the younger actors. This is a movie that you need to see if you are a Sci-Fi fan!
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A companion not a substitute to the book

By mwill1993
Written November 02, 2013
Asa Butterfield is very good as Ender and makes a valiant attempt to carry the movie but there's too much backstory including his depedency on his sister Valentine, the complicated Col Graff (played one dimensionally by Harrison Ford), and how he develops the Dragon Army. None of this comes through in the movie. The special effects are made for IMAX and see it there if you can. Viola Davis and Ben Kingsley were standouts in the ensemble. READ THE BOOK then yes, go and see the movie. You'll get much more out of it.
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By hollonstephen
Written November 05, 2013
I've been a science fiction freak for 60 years and I believe that this is the best movies of this genre I've seen. Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford should be up for best Actor and best supporting actor. Very enjoyable. Sequel?
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Loved the movie...can't wait for the rest in the series!

By anotherhale
Written November 03, 2013
I have always liked Speaker for the Dead more than Ender's Game. I can't wait for that to come out soon. Enjoyed the movie, great job OSC.
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Awesome in IMAX!

By Mickeybrann
Written November 04, 2013
Great characters, story and images! Loved it! My 10 year old followed the story just fine, but it was a little fast and deep for my 9 year old. Reading the book beforehand may have been better for the 9 year old. We are reading in now!
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