Faithful to the book

By mkairis673
Written November 03, 2013
If you like the books you will like the movie. It was a faithful depiction of the book, with the time constraints of movie length applied. It could have easily been stretched to three hours to detail the Battle room chapters, but they did a good job of condensing the story line. Hope they decide to do the sequels.
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A faithful retelling with strong characters and excellent VFX.

By rangersleadtheway911
Written August 03, 2015
I loved the Ender's Game book when I first read it awhile back. Orson Scott Card captured character development better than perhaps any other sci-fi writer of his time and I loved the extra effort he took to really delve into the motivations and thoughts of Ender Wiggin. Ender is a complicated character and if you don't see or understand his background and the thoughts going on in his head, then the story is just a shoot-em-up space movie. But the crew behind the movie adaptation took the time to develop a story that could show you how Ender thought without being overly introspective or philosophical. They kept the action going and still managed to allow reflection for the situation Ender finds himself thrust in. My new favorite movie of 2013 and a definite watch for the whole family!
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Great job keeping the good parts of the book

By pistachios
Written November 04, 2013
I had a hard time imagining how they could adapt this book well but they did it. In fact, I expect that people who have read the book might like it better than people who haven't (I've read it several times and loved it - despite the author). Asa Butterfield was perfectly cast - yes he's older but he's the perfect mix of vulnerable yet tough. Of course everything is condensed and things flash by, but that's inevitable. And definitely try to see it in IMAX.
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Loved it!

By meredithleem
Written November 03, 2013
I read all the books. This cannot begin to capture the richness of the first book. But it did touch on the important concepts. Very dramatic, visual, great cast. Fabulous use of special effects to a good purpose. Good for all ages.I want more of the same!
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Good Movie

By dlwdon
Written November 01, 2013
1st of all it was clean, no cursing, no F-bombs. Good story and very well done. I think there are some good lessons for the kids in this movie. There is kind of a take on how to handle bullying. Everything was right up to snuff except the little twist put in at the end. It is a reflection of what is going wrong these days in our world. If you want a peaceful world you have to defeat the enemy and wipe them out period. You can't have any soft feelings for them or you will lose. It's as simple as that. This movie is definately worth seeing. Very entertaining!!
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