A half-hearted effort at best - an artless, clumsy, cynical, big studio offering. Caveat emptor.

By rob633
Written May 22, 2015
The screenplay was weak. It dropped nearly everything that made the story good. They dumbed down the characters to make the movie accessible to the average teenager. The effects were very good but mishandled by the screenwriter, who should be violently sacked. Card did not write it. I was particularly annoyed that the actors could not decide on the pronunciation of Bonzo. It's obvious that half the actors had never bothered to read the book. Harrison Ford as Graff? Feh. There was not enough time to explore any complexity. The battle room was cool, but again, the complexities were tossed to make the movie pretty. This movie should be subtitled, "Very loosely based on some of the plot points of the novel Ender's Game while sacrificing all of the elements that make the story interesting." It was a half-hearted effort at best, a cynical bid for box office receipts at worst. A disappointment to most.
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Enders Game

By Vivedragon
Written November 05, 2013
Very good, well played out movie. Great special effects. Could have been longer to make the plot clearer. Wish it were in 3D. That being said, I really enjoyed this movie a lot. Awesome Imax experience Great for all ages!
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Ender's Game was great.

By coachthomas
Written March 01, 2015
If you've read the book you will probably like the movie but be critical of the omissions and changes. If you haven't read the book you will probably like the movie but not fully understand it. Asa Butterfield was amazing as Ender Wiggin. I will see this movie for a second time and buy the DVD.
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Stayed true to the book

By ravinett
Written November 02, 2013
This movie did a very good job staying true to the spirit of the book. This is not a light hearted sci fi movie. It deals with some difficult issues, and does so in a way that is enjoyable to watch. Excellent acting and special effects.
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Brought the book to life

By evwixom
Written November 07, 2013
From the prospective of a LONG time Ender's Game fan - I loved this movie. Yes as other viewers have pointed out there are a number of changes and omissions from the book. However, I think many of them were wise decisions to make the film adaption work. The Battle Room and Command School simulator scenes are absolutely stunning in IMAX. If anything I wish it was a longer film so they could have included more of them. I also think Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield were fantastic in their roles. Overall, this was a great film and I highly recommend it.
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