Good movie, but...

By RobertP114
Written November 01, 2013
The film is well done, the cast is well chosen, but don't expect to see the book on the big screen. There are a lot of areas left out, changed and the end is very different from the book. Consider it a movie and not an exact translation of the book and you should enjoy it. I enjoyed the visuals, but was expecting more than I should have from a movie
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Good adaptation of the book

By bobbruce33569
Written March 27, 2015
Very fast paced and tightly condensed but good movie. Asa Butterfield was great but a little taller than expected. Ender's growth as commander was too quickly glossed over. Visuals and sound were fantastic and what you expect from explosions in space you couldn't really hear! But if you detach your brain and enjoy the show you'll like it.
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See it on the biggest screen possible

By RandytheMovieFan
Written November 30, 2014
This movie is packed with action, emotion and great special effects that really pop on the IMAX screen. It was faithful to the book, though not as good of course due to the need to condense or omit many of its events. And the characters are portrayed about 5 years older than in the book, which dilutes some of the impact, but face it, this was never going to be made with 6-year actors. Asa Butterfield is in just about every scene and gives a fine performance. Hope they make more films in the series.
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By mier99
Written January 28, 2015
I'm a big fan of Orson's work. But given his his Fundamentalist Mormon leanings regarding gays and blacks its hard to be a fan of him personally. He wants to make being gay illegal. And some recent racist rants are not fun... Moving on... Good = Acting, cinematography, Medium = Not sure IMAX really added much maybe in the war room a little Bad = beside the author being a jerk, the problem with the movie is if you have not read the books you are going to be a little lost or not realize how much you missed out on. The worst part of this is the rushed ending. Grade = So So
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A half-hearted effort at best - an artless, clumsy, cynical, big studio offering. Caveat emptor.

By rob633
Written May 22, 2015
The screenplay was weak. It dropped nearly everything that made the story good. They dumbed down the characters to make the movie accessible to the average teenager. The effects were very good but mishandled by the screenwriter, who should be violently sacked. Card did not write it. I was particularly annoyed that the actors could not decide on the pronunciation of Bonzo. It's obvious that half the actors had never bothered to read the book. Harrison Ford as Graff? Feh. There was not enough time to explore any complexity. The battle room was cool, but again, the complexities were tossed to make the movie pretty. This movie should be subtitled, "Very loosely based on some of the plot points of the novel Ender's Game while sacrificing all of the elements that make the story interesting." It was a half-hearted effort at best, a cynical bid for box office receipts at worst. A disappointment to most.
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